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10 Best Hair Accessories for Bridal Occasion

Angela Josef
By Angela Josef

Bridal ceremonies demand the perfect glam look. It is definitely incomplete with the hair accessories which add a hint of splendor and glamour quotient to the overall appearance. In addition it adorns the hairs in the apt manner which is the crown of a lady. A perfect hair accessory can make you look different in a bridal function oozing an oomph factor which is worth noticing. So try on the accessories to flaunt your tresses this bridal season.

There is no dearth to the options available for hair ornaments in the market. Clips and bobby pins are the common ones which are marketed in different styles and colors. In fact, stone embellishments are also used nowadays to give it a rich and sophisticated appeal. Clips can be used on one side for the poignant look while a headband can be used to completely dominate the area. Floral headbands are very common and are available in different styles. It can be chosen matching the dress or the jewelry one is planning to wear in the wedding. In addition headband gears and tikka chain are also in vogue these days.  Supplement them with scrunches and corsages to plump the look of the buns. Braids can be highlighted with flowers and stylish ribbons inter-webbed with them.  Myriad color options, with different designs offer a combination which can blend in with any kind of outfit for any kind of personality. So select your hair ornament today creating your special style statement

hair accessory

Here are certain tips which should be kept in mind while styling your hair with accessories. Do not forget to put on a light make up with richly done hair to prevent going overboard or edgy.

  1. Planning for a messy bun style, adorn it with headbands of various hues matching your outfit.
  2. Use a headband in a unique manner to give an edgy look to the short hairs
  3. Catchy bobby pins can be used to flaunt the hair in a neat way by stashing away strands from the face. Do not hesitate to experiment with huge numbers carving different designs.
  4. Braids can be alleviated with flowers or colored ribbons being weaved into them. This enhances the simply braid look giving it a unique style statement.
  5. Avoid tiara for the pompous appearance it endows.
  6. Floral is never out of fashion. Paly with floral designs to get a subtle or trendy look.
  7. A vintage or traditional look can be glamourized with the help of jhoomar or tikka’s embossed with gems and stone studdings. This gels in perfectly with the bridal outfit.
  8. Ravish your tresses with silver impregnated headbands perfect for party night outs. Intricate designed embellished headbands also blend in well.
  9. Bow headbands can be experimented to get a chic look.
  10. Hair clips studded with miniature jewels are an ideal combo with ponytail or open flaring hairs.

So flaunt your hear with these amazing hair accessories and love the attention that you’re worth deserving.

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