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5 Churidar Neck Designs Worth Dying For!

udaynti patel
By udaynti patel

Hey girls, how are you doing? Hope all is well. As the wedding as well as festive season is upon us, I’ve brought a list of latest churidar neck designs for you. Churidar suits and salwar kameez aren’t just regular wear, but they make great outfits for parties and festival as well.

Who doesn’t want to look great on a special occasion? I think, we all want to look great! Hence, to help you merge as a fashion queen wherever you go, we have brought some unique patterns to rave up your simple churidar suits.

The latest churidar neck designs and patterns 2017-18 will surely bring out the true diva in you. Let’s check out what we have rounded off for you over here. You can thank me later for inspiring you to get your churidar neck model stitched in these patterns.

Enhance your elegance with tiny embroidered U-cut churidar

Bored of simple U-cut neck designs for your churidar suits? I have got a fancy variation to kill that boredom! This tiny embroidered U-cut neck design for your churidar is refreshing. The neckline goes round in shape from all sides, however, the front cut goes deep with a little U-shape. This is surely going to breath a gush of fresh air into your churidar salwar kameez!

Tips to wear it perfectly- do not opt for any sort of neck piece like choker or necklace to bring out the best essence of this neckline.

Hot things up with square neckline with piping

Square necklines in churidar suits aren’t new. However, you can hot things up with a bit of creativity. The churidar neck design with piping is a charmer. Unlike going the typical square neck pattern way, choose pining around it to enhance its appeal. The piping can be done either with a cloth piece of contrasting shade or lace. In both ways, it will look great!

Tips to stand out- wear a dazzling neck piece to bring out your sexy avatar. Wearing your dupatta close to your neck will do the magic as well.

Add chicness with shirt collar neckline  

Shirt collar neckline in churidar is yet another pattern to die for! Who says a collar can only be seen in a shirt and not in a kurti? This neckline pattern is a jinx breaker. You can get it stitched either in a sharp collar or do some changes as per your likes.

From plain to piping, laced and yoked, you can tell your tailor to stitch this model the way you like. It’s you call which pattern you want to get it stitched with.

It’s suitable for almost any occasion, however, a formal event is what you can wear this churidar neckline like a pro on.

Bedazzle in boat churidar neck model

Boat neck is a latest fad among fashionistas of all ages. It takes your sensuality several notches higher. This neckline is also called to as bateau neck. Those women who want to define their collar bone should opt for this churidar neck model.

Be it weddings or festive occasions, you can rock the look by stepping into a boat neck churidar suit!

Ditch the necklace or any neckpiece to enhance your neckline. Wear statement earrings for added charm.

Look flawless in high collar neck model for churidar

Want to add a royal charm to your personality? High collar neck design in a churidar is what you should surely opt for! High on style quotient, this neck pattern is suitable for formal to casual events easily. You are sure to garner a bag full of compliments once you step into a churidar salwar suit having this neckline in particular.

So, what are you waiting for? Get inspiration from this latest churidar neck designs 2017-18 catalogue and add a dash of innovation to your regular neck pattern!

udaynti patel
I love writing, travelling and foods! Finding innovative words for innovative fashion trends is what runs through my veins. Recently I'm working as a content writer in TrendyBharat- a one-stop shop for all your fashion and crafts needs.
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