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Plaid Radio – Wish You Could Sleep Better?

Koula Budler
By Koula Budler

Wish you could sleep better?  Know someone who suffers from a sleep disorder? Are pets in the bed good or bad for a great night’s rest?

Check out Koula’s interview with sleep expert and founder of Tuck,  Keith Cushner.

Keith graduated from Whitman College in 2008 with a BA in Economics and has since worked for a variety of companies in digital marketing roles before founding Tuck. Keith’s passion for sleep started in his mid-20s when he started experiencing various forms of insomnia and sleep in general just didn’t come as easy as it used to. When trying to understand his sleep issues, Keith discovered that there was not only contradictory advice from site to site and extreme bias from manufacturers, but there wasn’t a dedicated resource for both sleep as well as mattresses and hence Tuck was born.

Koula Budler
Koula's career in broadcasting began during her university days. Whilst studying Journalism in Johannesburg, enthusiastic music lover Koula joined her campus radio station and was soon discovered by a retail station. The campus and retail stations provided Koula with invaluable experience and upon completion of her degree, she was offered a job at national Top 40 radio station, 5FM. During the eight years that Koula was with 5FM, she hosted their flagship shows - the 5FM Top 40 as well as the World Chart Show - and hosted prime time shows on their week day lineup. She became well-known for her formidable music knowledge and was sent to cover music festivals across the globe.   Koula was the South African ambassador for Positive Women, a non-profit organization that works with communities in Africa and the UK to support them to live informed, productive and empowered lives. She is mad about food (cooking and eating it!) and grows her own herbs and veggies -which she finds very rewarding. "I'm not sure if I eat to run or run to eat but it's a healthy partnership, either way!" she laughs.

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