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painted on a building: Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it

Life is built on change and includes many stories as we ascend to the top floor.  Our choices define us. I like to think of myself with a head full of silver hair enjoying the view as I look out the window.  For many women, the view may never change. From the moment we are…

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Why is Change So Difficult?

One of the most exciting and sometimes scary experiences we can go through is having our lives touched by change. Sometimes changes are small, like wanting to break a daily habit, or a large change, such as moving to another city or ending a relationship. Change temporarily uproots our routines and sense of security. It…

By Shannon Thomas LCSW-S |
rearview mirror with words: rearview perspective
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Rearview Perspective

My daughter is a new driver. So, for about 20 months, the passenger side door grip and I have become very close.  The ride has grown much easier for the both of us, as I’ve embraced her maturity in the driver’s seat and even entirely released my grip of the door in the past year….

By Sherrain Myles |
San Francisco
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Change is in the Air

Change is scary.  Change is exciting.  Change is good.  Change is Life. Change happens every day to all of us.  We can learn from it and embrace it as change introduces us to new ideas and feelings.  Change encourages us to think out of the box and welcome new, creative ideas and new ways of…

By Meg Henderson Wade |
Do It Afraid
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The Best Advice I Ever Got

If you ask people who know me today for some words that describe me, you’ll hear words like “bold” and “courageous” and “outspoken.”  If you had asked people who knew me ten years ago for some words that described me, you would have heard words like “timid” and “meek” and “shy.”  Obviously, I’m not at…

By Wendy Perry |

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5 Reasons Why Women Don’t Speak Up

We are afraid to tell anyone. We are afraid to talk about the details. We are afraid of being blamed. We are afraid. Women have had horrendous things implied about them, said to them and done to them. Many of these actions were abusive and illegal. Yet, millions of women around the globe have been…

By Shannon Thomas LCSW-S |
woman in nature
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Fear or Fearless

Your world is closing in on you as you escape into the never-ending synapses of the firing of your brain as fear grips you.  “Am I going to die?”  “Why me?” I know my husband is beside me as I push him away.  I need time to absorb, to feel the darkness surround me in…

By Deb Kreimborg |
female practicing meditation outdoors
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Fear of Disappointment

All of us battle with fear in some form. There are many different types of fears, I am referring to the more emotional and irrational types of fears. These are the ones that are usually driven by experience and emotions like, fear of failure, fear of others, fear of judgment, and fear of death. My…

By Ami Evans |
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Why I’m Not Setting Goals For 2018

I’ve decided not to set any goals for 2018. You read that right. Not a single one. I’m ready to try something different. Instead of setting goals with action plans, timelines and deadlines, I’m taking a new approach: I’m not setting goals. I’m setting intentions based on how I want to feel. I was first…

By Kristina Fortune |