Local Circles

Circles are our answer to the question: How can I be more effective in my business, in the workplace, and in my life? Each month, through Local Circles, like-minded women gather together at events to learn how to overcome the obstacles they face every day in their business, professional and personal lives.

We believe and have heard from numerous women, that a Plaid for Women LIVE! event is so much more than a “networking event” — it’s an opportunity to connect with a room full of success-driven, supportive, like-minded women who are ready and willing to share resources, support you and celebrate your success.

“You have transcended the traditional “networking group” model and created a resource for women to enrich each other’s lives.  The statement that resonated with me the most is that we, as women, tend to think of ourselves in competition with each other, as though there is a finite amount of success for all the women of the world to fight over.  We should have displaced this myth long ago.    The members of Plaid for Women understand this.” — Jennifer C., Attorney, Fort Worth

Join Plaid — As a member, you have access to resources and solutions to solve life’s business, professional and personal challenges. You will have the support to create a life you love living every day.