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Founded in the year 1975 by Bill H. Gates and Paul Gardner Allen, Microsoft has become the leading tech business across the globe. Since it was established, the primary focus of this company has been software, however, with Surface tab, this has somewhat changed. Microsoft is most well-known for its Operating System – Windows. Also,…

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5 Top Occasions to Wear Powerful Skater Dresses

If you are a serious fan of skater dresses and these western staples speak to your style, get ready to catch with me to know about the right occasions to slip into these gorgeous silhouettes. The best thing about any skater dress is that it offer both style and comfort simultaneously and one doesn’t need…

By Ananya Jain |
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7 reasons why being a financially-capable woman can be the best thing in 2018

With women stepping stones to success as close as men are, it is no surprise that being successful in today’s world comes in the books of both. We now live in a world of equal work and equal pay, better workplaces, better salaries, respectful beings and supportive bosses and colleagues. While many may beg to…

By irina wynn |
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Make Use of Traditional Healing Techniques to Escape Modern-Day Health Ailments

The fast and easy modern life style that we chose to live has a lot of adverse effect on our health. It affects our well being in many aspects including the physical, psychological and social health of ours. High intakes of fast food, improper diet, loss of physical activity all have an adverse effect on…

By Dr Samantha Boyd |
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Sex And Relationship – A 360 Degree View For Women

Women experience and express the way they feel about sex and relationships very differently than men. The subject has often been explored in pop culture in movies like “What Women Want” to “How to Make Love to a Woman”. Nevertheless, not all women are the same or think the same way. It’s only on the…

By Sandy Funches |


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Stressing Out During Pregnancy? Here Are Fun Ideas to Stay Calm and Reduce Stress

There are many women who battle with anxiety and stress on a daily basis. While all women carry stress, these women tend to feel overly anxious or stressed with things that the majority can easily work through or look past. If you are one of these high-anxiety women, the moment you decide to try and…

By Elizabeth MacDonald |
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How to Wear Designer Dupattas for Engagement Ceremony

If 2018 is the year you have marked to tie a knot with your forever love, then get ready to slay the world with your exceptional style statement and fashion sense. Indian weddings are incomplete without the inclusion of luxurious traditional dresses and classic silhouettes. From engagement to reception, a woman needs a special attire…

By Toni Thrash |
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The Secret Ingredient

When it comes to health and wellness, I have the secret for you. Be prepared to accept what I am about to tell you. It’s more than setting goals, hiring a coach, or signing up for a challenge to hold you accountable. Ready for it? It’s CONSISTENCY. It’s the consistent daily action you take towards…

By Linda Truong Mansell |
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How modern agriculture has changed the world – An Article by Mark Tompkins Canaccord

Seen from a pure historical perspective – most of the inventions and scientific techniques in agriculture and livestock production brought excellent results, with tremendous yield. After applying new methods, some farmers had increased their production per worker from one hundred to one thousand times more. But how do such changes affect people’s lives? Mark Tompkins…

By Kristen Hines |