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Investing 101

By Sarah Webb - Dec 15 2017

Investing in markets can sometimes feel like reading tea leaves and just hoping for the best.  We know we need to invest, we want to understand it at a basic level, but there’s just so much information. Magic of Compounding Remember in high school when one of your teachers shared that if you saved $1…

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Investing 101 With Terry Savage Of The Savage Truth On Money

By Sarah Webb - Dec 15 2017

Terry Savage is a nationally known expert on personal finance, the markets, and the economy. Terry’s most recent book is a new edition of The Savage Truth on Money, which was named one of the ten best money books of the year by in its first edition. You can read Terry’s columns, as well…

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if you get tired, learn to rest, not quit.

Rest Through A Restless Season

By Ami Evans - Dec 14 2017

I believe my business is the busiest this time of the year, because people have not been taking care of themselves, the year is wrapping up, they are exhausted and on empty. Conflict in relationships emerge from lack of attention and focus.  We need to establish good self-care habits, like the ability to rest. Since…

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mom and daughter paperwork

Check Up To Show You Care…

By Jaime Cobb - Dec 13 2017

This past year, a good friend of mine began sharing with me her concerns about some odd behavior she was seeing in her parents. “They aren’t exactly forthcoming over the phone. They cancelled their annual cruise that they live for because ‘Mom needed some down time.’ And, when I questioned them about this, they told…

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drive thru neon sign

Buying Time: With The Drive-Thru

By Bridget Swinney - Dec 13 2017

It’s the busiest of seasons, and this last instalment in my “Buying Time” series should probably come in handy right about now! (See “Buying Time with the Crockpot” here) Even the savviest of planners sometimes has to resort to the “drive-thru.” And let’s face it, you’ve got to have a super strong will to always ignore…

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Ordinary Mom With a Rockin’ Kid: He’s Got Bonus Chromosomes

By Sarah Webb - Dec 12 2017

Cara has always been known as outspoken, funny and loud.  Most recently she has launched a new blog Mamability ( where she details her life as a mother to three little boys (newest arrival last week).  She shares her experiences with her oldest son E who receive a birth diagnosis of Down Syndrome. She is…

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fist bump

Did You Hear My Rallying Cry?

By Rebecca Liston - Dec 12 2017

“Marketing gurus of days gone by” taught us to make certain that everything we ever did, every article we wrote, talk we gave, meme we posted, MUST be accompanied by a strong Call-To-Action at the end of it. Well, I am tossing that out today. I am STARTING with a strong Call-To-Action today. Indeed, I…


delivering cookies to neighbor

The Neighborhood

By Tricia Medrano Bridges - Dec 11 2017

Just months after a major milestone birthday, I have now lived long enough to have seen a great number of changes in our world. In days past when a new family moved into your neighborhood you welcomed them and might have even taken a pie or a casserole and even invited the lady of the…

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Living On The Cheap

By Sarah Webb - Dec 08 2017

Do you think living frugally means you don’t live well?  Think again, by focusing on saving your resources and being creative you can live a full life and be frugal. Being frugal brings up mental images of doing without or making something last just past the point of usefulness.  With the recession in 2008 being…

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Being Frugal Can Be Fun

By Sarah Webb - Dec 08 2017

Being frugal brings up mental images of doing without or making something last just past the point of usefulness.  With the recession in 2008 being frugal came into vogue and more people began open conversations about their spending and more importantly their savings. Here are some ideas for being frugal that doesn’t take much effort,…

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Veritable Brain Health – Day Camp Adventures for Senior Adults

By Sarah Webb - Dec 07 2017

Recently a group of residents took a day trip to the Blue Lotus Farm & Retreat in Wisconsin to relax and enjoy the great outdoors, participating in boating, nature walks, fishing and more. But this trip to enjoy nature wasn’t just for good times – it was also a veritable brain health extravaganza! The Nexus…

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gift of HOPE

The Gifts of Christmas

By Cindy Carter - Dec 06 2017

What do you envision when you think of Christmas? According to the classic by Clement C. Moore, children have “visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads.” I have yet to see a sugar plum, but I do remember many happy Christmases as a child. There was always an apple, a few nuts, and some…

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Business Advice: When To Add A Team Member

By Sarah Webb - Dec 05 2017

Are you an business owner?   Do you like doing it all yourself or do you wish you had a team?  When is it nice to add someone versus you must add someone to grow your business. Check out Plaid Radio with Crystalee Beck from The Mama Ladder International.  She will give us tips, ideas and…


broken heart

Words Have Power

By MiShonLandry - Dec 04 2017

Our words, have the power to change people’s lives. Power to motivate or tear down. Power to inspire or kill a dream. Power to cause visions to be realized. Power to make someone believe they can conquer the world. Power to give confidence to a weary soul. Our words are one of the most powerful…


Santa's Grumpy Little Helper Wearing Hat and Christmas Sweater

Silence Your Inner Scrooge

By Michele Gooch - Dec 04 2017

It’s started so beautifully the day after Thanksgiving, when you pulled out the Christmas decor. You envisioned stockings hung by the chimney with care, sugar plums dancing, and a long winter rest. You anticipated every gift would be special and the house full of sweet pine and cinnamon scents. Your hope was to bake every…