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Shannon Thomas Psychological Abuse: Road to Recovery
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Psychological Abuse: Road to Recovery

By Sarah Webb - Jun 27 2017

Psychological abuse if often hidden because it does not lead to physical scars.  The impact is devastating and lasting, but there is hope for recovery. Shannon Thomas, LCSW is the bestselling author of Healing from Hidden Abuse: A Journey Through the Stages of Recovery from Psychological Abuse.  Ms. Thomas is one of the few in…

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keep it simple sweetheart selling in a skirt simple is beautiful
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KISS: Keep it Simple Sweetheart

By Judy Hoberman - Jun 27 2017

Whenever I’m asked to be someone’s Sales Coach or facilitate a workshop on Sales, I generally hear how hard sales can be, how much energy it takes and how getting a job with a salary is so much easier. The funny thing is, I don’t think it’s hard at all, and when I work with…

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Change Group of women working together
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Change in the Workplace

By Danón Carter - Jun 23 2017

One quote I learned many years ago and continually come to realize its truth is, “Change is constant.” What we often don’t add to it is “Change is hard and often avoided”. I have worked and training for several companies who hired me based on changes they claimed they wanted. Problem is, this change was…

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living mindfully recovering
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We Are All Recovering From Something

By Julie Jeter - Jun 23 2017

Back in my early sobriety and recovery, it was suggested that I read M. Scott Peck’s book, The Road Less Traveled. The first chapter, titled Problems and Pain, began with the sentence, “Life is difficult.” I put the book down and cried for about a week. That was not what I wanted to hear. Somehow,…

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Pastry Chef
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Do you love pastries?
Hear from an Executive Pastry Chef

By Koula Budler - Jun 22 2017

Do you love pastries?  Dessert?  Chocolate? Join Plaid Radio today with Rocio Varela as she shares food trends, meeting Gordon Ramsey and her favorite moments in the kitchen. Rocio Varela is the Executive Pastry Chef at the Fort Worth Club. She has been named “one of the rising stars of the pastry world” and has…

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an iridescent bee lands on an ereader
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What’s that Buzz? Bees on the move in June

By Kimberly Olson - Jun 22 2017

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s honey bees. Yes, honey bees and native bees alike are on the move in June. Not only are they foraging for nectar and pollen, but if you are lucky you may actually catch the sight of a swarm of bees moving to a new home. Why would…

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entrepreneur small business owner
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8 Habits of Successful Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

By Kristin Kaufman - Jun 22 2017

Successful entrepreneurs, regardless of where they may find themselves along their journey, have a few key characteristics which are magnetic to others. These individuals attract others to want to join their companies and teams. They radiate success. They emit confidence despite whether they have ‘arrived’ or not. So the inevitable comment I hear most often…

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Alzheimer's, dementia, caregiver
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Do I really need a Caregiver Support Group?

By Sarah Webb - Jun 21 2017

Being a caregiver requires support too.  When a loved one receives the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s we many times being to think of their care and all their needs.  Today on Plaid Radio we chat with Sue Gross of the Alzheimer’s Association’s North Central Texas Chapter. Sue went back to college at Midwestern State University to…

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jump into healthy
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Jump Into Healthy

By Allison Byrd-Haley - Jun 21 2017

Now that the weather is getting warmer, it is so important to not just jump into getting healthy with both feet. It has been shown that if you start slowly and gradually work at it you will be more successful making a lifestyle change. Let’s discuss a few tips: WATER- Make sure you drink 16-32…


Aqua Ninja
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Adventures of an Aqua Ninja: Misunderstandings of Islam

By Noor Saadeh - Jun 21 2017

I usually write about my life as a Muslim woman in glowing terms.  And for the most part that is 100% true.  However, recently I’ve been asked to talk about the down side. It helps give a different perspective, especially to women audiences who are ultimately so very sensitive and compassionate. I hope it’s edifying…

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Ginger Curtis
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Celebrating Life: A Mother and Daughter Overcome Cancer

By Sarah Webb - Jun 20 2017

Ginger Curtis shares her very personal story of her daughter overcoming cancer and then Ginger’s own battle with breast cancer 18 months afterwards.  Both are healthy today and living life to the fullest. While suffering on the coach Ginger decided that once she beat this thing she was going on in all her design career and…


Ginger Curtis interior designer at home she worked on
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Women Leaders: Interview with Ginger Curtis

By Ginger Curtis - Jun 20 2017

 Q) Let’s start at the beginning. Where were you born? Ginger Curtis) San Jose, California. We moved to Texas when I was two, but still spent our entire summers in California with my grandparents. Q) What was your childhood like growing up? GC) Very difficult. My parents were recruited into a ministry after high school…

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no in artistic script
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How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty

By Elizabeth Lions - Jun 20 2017

Apparently, I have the opposite problem. I’m the first one to say no, and not even consider ways of taking on more work, more obligations, and more stress. When I am focused, I am very focused and don’t allow distractions. To be honest, I have no idea why I say no so much, but I…


stress swirling stars
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Eliminate your stress: symptoms and techniques to rid yourself of stress

By Deni Abbie - Jun 19 2017

Stress can affect us emotionally, physically, mentally and behaviorally. Becoming aware of the symptoms, and how to be proactive at reducing stress and handling it more effectively, is one of the best ways we can better help ourselves. The following symptoms are recognized in Web MD, as signs of stress: Emotional Symptoms of stress: Becoming easily…