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Trich Zaitoon
By Trich Zaitoon |Mansfield, Texas

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Trich Zaitoon
Plaid for Women’s Super Power Chick

Trich Zaitoon
Trich Zaitoon |Mansfield, Texas
I have had the privilege to be able to volunteer in areas where I have a great deal of passion. My husband has a machine tooling rep business. I help out when I have to, as he doesn't pay very well. I've known Sarah Zink in other arenas. So when she called me and ask me to be on her radio show because she had seen a post I made on FaceBook about being certified Open Water Scuba at my age. I was looking for an avenue to work in an area where I had the possibility to earn money. When she began to tell me about Plaid For Women I was hooked. I know the is a venture whose time has come. Amazing women helping amazing women. How can it get any better than that.