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5 Tips for Healthier Drinking

Adrienne Inger
By Adrienne Inger

Are you part of the drinking generation?

Women today are drinking more alcohol than their mothers and grandmothers did.

For those sunny days of celebrating and work-nights of unwinding ahead, Registered Dietitian Adrienne Inger shares her top 5 tips for sips, designed to help you reap the potential health benefits of drinking in moderation. Or at the very least, to help you avoid hangovers and visits to the Emergency Room!

Pour a glass of your favorite beverage (alcoholic or not) and press play.


Adrienne Inger
Adrienne Inger is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist passionate about setting the record straight with sound and simple nutrition advice. She sees clients nationwide via "virtual appointment" and has a growing private practice in the DC-Metro Area where she lives. Adrienne...Read More
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One response to “5 Tips for Healthier Drinking”

  1. Marie Inger says:

    Excellent tips! Thank you. What do you recommend for someone who enjoys wine but can only handle a small amount without immediately feeling its effects? I’m never able to drink more than a couple of ounces, although I would love to. Is there a way to make drinking more tolerable for those of us who can’t seem to handle it well?

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