Be Kind to Yourself

Rachel Haugabook
By Rachel Haugabook |Mansfield, TX

It seems as if we have been raised backwards. From the beginning of life, we are directed to become our own biggest critic but depend on others to be our greatest source of comfort. How could living this way ever truly benefit any of us when no one knows what we need to heal and no one knows how amazing we are better than ourselves? In recognizing this false premise, we are one step closer to becoming self-aware and self-reliant in a way that will provide a level of peace and emotional security that most of us have yet to experience. Check out the video and let me know your thoughts on how learning to be kind to ourselves could benefit us profoundly.

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Rachel Haugabook
Rachel Haugabook |Mansfield, TX
Rachel Haugabook is an ambitious, passionate, young woman from Waxahatchie, Texas. As the youngest of two, Rachel grew up heavily influenced by her mother, a teacher and artist, and father, an entrepreneur and business owner, who both taught her that...Read More
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