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His Love was Stronger than Alzheimer’s

Sarah Webb
By Sarah Webb

Alzheimer’s is a real problem facing real people every day. If you or someone you know has faced it, you understand the emotional toll it takes. When we came across one couple’s journey, it touched us so deeply that we spent two full days capturing their love story to be shared with the world.

John and Kerry McNeely learned of Kerry’s Alzheimer’s in 2014, shortly after a trip to Europe. Soon after, John sought help for her at Silverado.  At the memory care community, he was able join a family support group to openly discuss his experience. During one of those meetings, he put his thoughts on paper — words he didn’t realize at the time would touch more than 100,000 lives. 


Join those 100,000 people.  See John’s words come to life. 

Learn more about Silverado Memory Care,

Sarah Webb
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