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6 Amazing Facts About Cotton & Crafted Sarees

Anjali Dixit
By Anjali Dixit |Delhi, Delhi

Not only in India but in diverse countries as well, cotton is sought to be the most comfortable attire. The cotton wrapped designs can be seen sarees, kurtis, lehengas (yes, they exist in cotton too), salwar suits. Even many creative designers are pushing forward the idea of the vehement usage of cotton in Indo-western dresses.

And for your knowledge I would like to add one more surprise – Do you know that India comes in the third number according to the popularity scale of cotton sarees? The first and second position is taken up by Bangladesh and Nepal respectively. This is one of the essential drapes in India yet most of the people rely on suit salwars or kameez for a comfortable ghetto.

To spread the versatility of cotton fabric and its made sarees, here are complete and quick facts that might be acknowledged but no one has cared that much before.

Scroll down fashionistas…

Oldest Creation

I am talking about the sarees. Women from ages have been draping this fashion and the first ever known fabric at that time was cotton only. Even in Indian Vedas and scriptures, it has been mentioned that saree and cotton are the things that needed a lot of praise. The Indians are the very first clan who have been taught from ages the art of sewing. And cotton fabrics have been in the top of the list because they stay amazing on the skin in the Indian climate.

Great For Prints & Dyes

Be it any online designer saree or plain cotton saree, you can observe a magical print or dye on them. This is the best advantage that every cotton saree has that they can be easily dyed and printed with magical hues and shades.

Well, not only dyes but they are fitted ones to showcase stunning zari work, embroideries, thread work, chikan work and embellishments because they provide the best-starched base.

Stay Long For Years

Due to its hard, starchy fabric texture, they promise to stay long for years. The fabric doesn’t tear off easily and is fire protected as well. If you have a plain white cotton saree, you can also try it with amazing embroidered patched or embellished without making any glitch on the fabric.

A Great Socialite Pick

Name any sophisticated veteran actress and show me a picture if she has been spotted wearing anything else than cotton and silk. So now, you have a reason to flaunt your classic choice among your peers with solid proof as well.

Ideal For Round The Year

Ladies and young girls, you need to buy cotton sarees for most of the time because they have the craziest prints and dyes and magically stays comfortable on the skin. The minute pores make our skin breathable throughout the years and this perspiration provides us with the freedom we desire.

Good For All Body Shapes


The starchy fabric makes it a badass pick for all women and beauties. Whether your body has a lot of curves or extremely lean like VS models, cotton sarees seem to present you in a camouflage of perfectness.

Hey ladies, as you have the facts now, which will be your next social event saree or dress fabric? If it is different, don’t hesitate but don’t forget to mention the reason for your selection.

Anjali Dixit
Anjali Dixit |Delhi, Delhi
I'm Anjali Dixit, a passionate blogger, I enjoy my work and believe there is always a lot to discover in the world of Internet. A foodie and love reading books. 
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