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6 Health Tips for Moms Working in the Manufacturing Sector

Sandy Funches
By Sandy Funches |Opelousas, Los Angeles

Women are venturing into industries that have traditionally been dominated by men. A majority (55%) of U.S. mothers with children younger than 18 at home are employed full-time, up from 34% a half-century ago, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of Census Bureau Current Population Survey data.

The manufacturing sector has also seen a growing number of women workers on assembly lines, shop floors, loading docks, and warehouses, among other areas. However, for moms, working in a demanding sector like manufacturing while taking care of their family is a tough challenge.

It can also take a toll on your health, resulting in various chronic disorders like high blood pressure, bad heart, and musculoskeletal disorders. With a few healthcare precautions, however, you can maintain a better work-life balance and maintain your health.

Here’s how.

1. Start Your Day with a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, for most moms, mornings are extremely busy and chaotic. From making breakfast and packing lunch for everybody to getting the kids ready for school, mom often has to take care of everything.

However, you still need to have a healthy and hearty breakfast yourself. It can keep you going until your lunch break. Skipping breakfast, on the other hand, has a detrimental effect on your mood and energy.

If you skip breakfast regularly, it can also increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, and also obesity due to weight gain. That’s why you need to eat a fulfilling and healthy breakfast before starting for your office.

2. Always Pack Your Lunch

You should also eat healthy throughout the day. Make sure to pack home-cooked lunch with you every day without fail. When you eat out or at your office cafeteria, you are most likely to munch on sweet treats, fried goodies, and fast food. Not only are these foods unhealthy, but they can also make you feel sleepy for the rest of the day.

Eating a healthy homecooked lunch instead can help you fuel your body without making it drowsy. Keep lunch as light as possible. Something like a salad or a sandwich is usually a good choice.

3. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is extremely important for your health. Drinking enough water can help you sleep peacefully, maintain your metabolism, and help you concentrate. It can also help regulate your body temperature, keep your joints lubricated, and make sure the nutrients reach every cell in your body.

Women need to drink an average of 11 cups of water every day. You can fill up this daily quota by drinking liquids containing water such as green tea and fruit juices as well, not just plain water. However, avoid energy drinks, sodas, and coffee as they also contain sugar other unhealthy elements. Adding lemon to your water is also a good idea.

4. Take Short Breaks

Whether you are handling lifting accessories in rigging or operating a forklift, you need to take a few short breaks from your work. Working continuously will make you feel tired and you will lose your focus as the day progresses. It will also put physical and mental stress on your body.

You can take a quick bathroom break or get yourself glass water, if necessary, during the break. Don’t start browsing on your phone. The purpose of these breaks is to unwind and release the tension and fatigue building up in your body. So, a quick round of stretching can be a great way to utilize your break time.

5. Sleep for Seven-Nine Hours

We know sleep is a luxury for working mothers, especially if you have babies and toddlers to take care of. Adults need at least seven to nine hours of sleep per day. Avoid multitasking too much as it can leave you feeling exhausted.

Create a sleep schedule for yourself. Let your family know that you shouldn’t be disturbed when sleeping, unless its an emergency. Take healthy meals and avoid drinking or smoking. You can hire a nanny or ask someone in your family to help with kids and chores to help you rest. Getting sound and undisturbed sleep will make you feel more energetic and organized.

6. Exercise Regularly

You also need to exercise regularly, be it yoga, meditation, a workout, or a simple stretching session. Make sure to take some time from your busy schedule to exercise. Find your own motivational mantra or goal to keep up with your exercise schedule. It can be anything like losing baby weight or staying fit.

You can also partner up with your spouse or a friend for working out. Whenever you are feeling low, your partner can encourage you to keep going. However, never take the “all-or-nothing” approach to exercise. Sometimes, you may not get time to complete your workout, and that’s fine.

Parting Words

Being a working mother in the manufacturing industry is no cakewalk. However, if you keep up your mental and physical health, you can overcome the challenges most working moms face. Hopefully, these six tips will prove helpful. Remember, staying healthy will help you not only to become a better mother but also to achieve professional success. Good luck!

Sandy Funches
Sandy Funches |Opelousas, Los Angeles
Sandy Funches is a freelance writer who enjoys writing. Writing is of utmost importance to her as doing so helps her educate people by spreading her knowledge.
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