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Breaking Down Generational Stereotypes from the Generational Guru

Sarah Webb
By Sarah Webb

Sherri Elliott-Yeary, Generational Expert, Speaker, Coach, and Author, was born in 1968. Her Generational DNA is a Gen X but her Generational Personality is a Baby Boomer.  Sherri will be speaking at the #NoMeanGirls 2017 National Conference so we will get a sneak peek into her presentation.

In this Plaid Radio episode we have a Millennial born and Generation X DNA talking about generational stereotypes and how we can actually support each other in the work place.

We also chat with Sherri about the #NoMeanGirls conference ( and she shares her mean girl experience.  Below Sherri takes on London with #NoMeanGirls.


Sarah Webb
A bit about me, I'm a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, employee and volunteer. I am married and have two children - one who aspires to be a secret spy ninja and the other wants be a doctor for toys...Read More
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