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Mommy Guilt – Merited versus UnMerited

Sarah Webb
By Sarah Webb

Crystalee from The Mama Ladder International is back!  Today we are going to talk about Mommy Guilt.  And there’s no mommy guilt on this store bought Halloween costumes!

We discuss:

  • Can guilt be good?  Merited Guilt helps move us to something better for ourselves while unmertied is close to the comparison trap.
  • No room for unmertied Mommy Guilt and Comparison with other women and families.
  • How does self forgiveness help put down those guilt feelings?

Sarah Webb
A bit about me, I'm a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, employee and volunteer. I am married and have two children - one who aspires to be a secret spy ninja and the other wants be a doctor for toys like DocMcStuffins. I'm all about the Business of Life as I'm constantly trying to juggle my multiple roles. I come from a corporate finance background and during that time I started a women's group which still exists today. It was during that time that I became exposed to Plaid for Women and sought encouragement and advice through the resources. I'm so excited to be the President of Plaid for Women, and am passionate about providing a platform for women to #BeHeard. As you know, this organization is full of powerful, supportive women and I'm honored to be in this role.

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