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No Boundaries To Life

Sarah Webb
By Sarah Webb

Shirley is an Ageless Health Wellness Coach.  She believes there are no boundaries when it comes to shaping your quality of life.  Shirley is a certified health & wellness coach, freelance writer, practitioner, and educator with an empathetic global view.

She has worked as a project manager and did operations of spas & wellness centres in 12 countries – always with a passion for helping people to achieve a Quality of Life. Her mission is to guide other women in making more healthful choices that will lead to a more energetic and fulfilling life. She does this now with her 1:1 coaching and speaking events specifically focusing on mindset and prevention.

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Sarah Webb
A bit about me, I'm a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, employee and volunteer. I am married and have two children - one who aspires to be a secret spy ninja and the other wants be a doctor for toys...Read More
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