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My Story, Your Story: The Tale of Bright Eyes

Rachel Haugabook
By Rachel Haugabook |Mansfield, TX

For so many of us, life is a continuous experience of evolving and expanding into women who are at home and aligned within themselves. Overcoming aches and insecurities in order to embrace who we are as individuals is a story we all share. Let’s tell that story.

Rachel Haugabook
Rachel Haugabook |Mansfield, TX
Rachel Haugabook is an ambitious, passionate, young woman from Waxahatchie, Texas. As the youngest of two, Rachel grew up heavily influenced by her mother, a teacher and artist, and father, an entrepreneur and business owner, who both taught her that she could have whatever she wanted out of life as long as she was willing to work for it. With that knowledge, Rachel went on to received her high school diploma at sixteen, her Associates degree by eighteen, and her BA in Strategic Communications from the University of North Texas at the ripe young age of twenty years old. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Clinical Counseling from the Dallas branch of UNT. Rachel is new to the public speaking circuit but has begun providing motivational workshops for women in the DFW Metroplex. She has an innate love for people and no one who meets her ever walks away a stranger. Her mission in life is to teach people that anything and everything they want out of this existence can be found within themselves.