Linda Seger
Linda Seger
Cascade, Colorado
I felt called to drama since the age of 19, and through many years, the exact calling began to be worked out. My work life has focused on drama – first as a college professor in theater, and since 1979, in the film industry. I created my job in 1981...


I felt called to drama since the age of 19, and through many years, the exact calling began to be worked out. My work life has focused on drama – first as a college professor in theater, and since 1979, in the film industry. I created my job in 1981 as a script consultant and script troubleshooter, based on my doctoral dissertation that developed a method for understanding why a script (for film, television, and theater) worked, or didn’t work. The creation of the job took a huge leap of faith for me, since this job didn’t exist and no one was used to paying for feed-back on their scripts except in the few screenwriting classes that existed in the early 1980’s. I have worked on over 2,000 scripts and over 100 produced films and television shows. My clients have included writers, directors, producers, executives and companies, in film, television, and theater. They ranged from beginners to Academy Award winners such as Peter Jackson and William Kelley. I’m the author of 13 books, including a must-have on every screenwriter’s bookshelf, Making a Good Script Great, which was endorsed by Ron Howard as a book that has informed him since Apollo 13. As one of the foremost script consultants in the world and the most prolific author in the area of screenwriting, I’ve appeared as a guest on over 50 radio and television shows including “All Things Considered,” “The Bill O’Reilly Show,” “CNN Power Lunch,” and as a commentator on “CNN” for the Academy Awards, “Good Morning LA,” “Good Morning New York,” “Channel 13 Los Angeles,” “The Evidence,” plus a number of other shows in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, Denver, London, etc. I’ve been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Herald Examiner, The Sacramento Bee, The Christian Science Monitor and The Gazette among many others. I’ve also been featured as a screenwriting subject matter expert on numerous radio shows, webcasts and podcasts.
Four of my most recent books deal with spiritual topics based on issues that I’ve faced in my life. In Spiritual Steps On the Road to Success: Gaining the Goal Without Losing your Soul, I share how I learned to keep my spiritual integrity as my business began to grow and become more successful.


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Details and information about Linda's Script Consulting Business can be found on this page  of her website.
She is also available for seminars on many subjects She has presented screenwriting seminars in over 30 countries on the following topics:

Making a Good Script Great: 1-3 day seminar on the Art and Craft of Screenwriting.
Creating Unforgettable Characters: 1-2 day seminar or workshop on creating dimensional characters.
The Art of Adaptation: 1/2 to 1 day seminar on adapting novels, plays, stories, and biographies for the screen.
From Script to Screen: the Collaborative Art of Filmmaking: 1-2 day seminar on the art of filmmaking.
Creating Unforgettable Female Characters: 1/2 to 1 day seminar, including an analysis of the female hero. Sometimes taught with Mythologist Pamela J. Smith.
Script Editing: 5 day seminar for the training of script editors.
Exploring the Theme: 1-2 hour lecture on expressing ideas and adding meaning to the script
Creating Cinematic Images: 1-2 hour lecture on how to visualize the script and make it more cinematic
Understanding Genre: 1 hour to 1 day seminar on genres and what differentiates them

Bringing Your Spirituality Into Your Writing: 1-2 hour lecture or 1 day workshop on how to express spirituality, values, and meaning without getting preachy
Master Class in Script Consulting: 3 week seminar training film professionals in the Linda Seger Method of Script Consulting. Generally these Master Classes are presented by a country or a film commission, but sometimes students come to Colorado to work privately with Linda.
Making a Good Writer Great: 1-5 day Creative Writing Seminar/Workshop for Screenwriters which can include working on their projects.
Please contact Linda’s office to discuss scheduling a seminar.
“If you are a writer do go to this. I heard Linda last night and she is fantastic, learnt so much about character development. I wish I could go tomorrow but can’t, but highly recommended.” –Mary Grand, England
Many thanks for last night and for making it such an enjoyable, entertaining and engaging evening! I found Linda’s talk stimulating which helped to reinforce and underpin much of what I am learning about writing.” –Andrew Hough, England

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