A couple of years ago, my sister treated me to lunch and shopping at Nordstrom’s for my birthday.  It was a memorable day I believe for the both of us.  We started at the Bistro with healthy entree salads, but when the waiter came around and tempted us with dessert we caved and split their decadent bread pudding.  Ladies, if you’ve never had this piece of heaven on a plate, I highly recommend you have it at least once in your life!  It’s the kind of bread pudding that will make your eyes roll to the back of your head and you are rendered speechless and can simply nod in agreement with the person sitting across from you having the same experience.  It is one of those “OMG!” moments.

We than decided to try to work off some of the calories from lunch by shopping, and we ventured to the makeup department at Nordstrom’s.  One of the ladies working the counter caught our attention with a lip-gloss she said would knock our socks off with its power to give us bigger, pouty Jolie lips without Botox.  We jumped on the chairs to find out if this lip-gloss could do the trick, and what we got was an amazing journey into the life of Winnie, the woman behind the counter.

Winnie started sharing how she thoroughly enjoyed her job in making women feel better about themselves.  She explained that for the longest time she did nothing but complain about her life and how she was never going to be able to travel, which is one of the things she wanted to do most.

One day a friend of hers had had enough and told her if she wanted to travel, but couldn’t because she didn’t have enough money than she needed to get another job to pay for it.  She said she realized that day her friend was absolutely right!  She had not traveled because she wasn’t doing what she needed to be able to afford it. Winnie immediately went out and started working two additional jobs to pay for her travels and for the last several years has been flying off to destinations of her choice at least once a month.  Places that seemed like unattainable dreams were now becoming her reality.

She said how she wished every woman would believe in herself more and go after their individual dreams.  Her quote that I will never forget was “No matter if a woman be in the White House or working in McDonalds, she needs to be proud of who she is and what she does.”  I couldn’t agree more Winnie!

It was a memorable day indeed, one I know my sister remembers fondly as well.  Winnie was a powerhouse filled with a “can do” Spirit.  She inspired me that day to be proud of who I am and continue to press toward my dreams and do what’s necessary to achieve them.  I hope her story does the same for you!

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