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In most professions, there comes a time when as an individual you simply can’t go any further without some sort of an outside help. As you probably know, real estate is a lucrative and highly competitive business. If you want to take your business from ordinary to extraordinary you can benefit considerably from personalized mentoring…

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Indian Sarees – Traditional Wear With Contemporary Designs

The Indian pieces of clothing are a one of a kind mix of both customary and contemporary outlines. The reality of the matter is that sarees are known to be the conventional wear of Indian ladies notwithstanding Salwar Kameez and lehenga cholis. In any case, now, with the changing patterns and examples, the dress feeling…

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By sureshrambhosle |
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Things to Consider When Travelling Europe

While summer can be the most tantalizing time to visit Europe, it can also prove to be quite expensive. So we have included a few important tips that will come handy for your budget Europe tour. Avoid Hotels: The biggest misconception that we have about travel trips is the luxury of staying at a 3…

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By Archis Roy |
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Wonderful Types of Salwar Kameez Made for Weddings

Marriage itself is the most exciting part of a woman’s life. One can never forget those beautiful moments in their lifetime. In India marriages are respected and it is the most auspicious occasion in the lives of both the bride and the groom. If you are the bride to be and ready to face that…

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By Anil Joshi |
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6 Amazing Facts About Cotton & Crafted Sarees

Not only in India but in diverse countries as well, cotton is sought to be the most comfortable attire. The cotton wrapped designs can be seen sarees, kurtis, lehengas (yes, they exist in cotton too), salwar suits. Even many creative designers are pushing forward the idea of the vehement usage of cotton in Indo-western dresses….

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By Anjali Dixit |


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Green Tea and its positive effects on the human health and physiology

In this fast pacing life, everyone seeks for a break from this overbearing stress. While it is not physically possible all the time, there are ways to keep you healthy. Tea is one such beverage that people from all across the globe drink and enjoy. While some like it with a dash of milk and…

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By Antara Patel |
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Handloom Sarees:- An perfect reflection of Indian craftsmanship!

The art of handloom sarees mushroomed in Bangladesh and slowly did wide spread like a wild fire. In Rural India, the weaving of handloom sarees is completely précised and done with lot of detailing.  An artisan in present times has completion of a single saree for nearly two to three days of work. Handloom sarees…

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By Julia Sparkel |
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Brent Carrier Shares his Best Real Estate Rules That Can Make or Break an Offer

Nowadays, if you want to sell a house you’ll have to do a lot more than simply putting a “For Sale” sign on your front lawn. Times have most certainly changed, and along with that so have the rules for purchasing a house. In case you’re considering becoming a homeowner in the near future, thriving…

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By Rossie Wang |
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Shhh…Did you hear that?

Shhh!  Did you hear that?!  How on earth did you miss it?  It has been resonating in your ear for a week.  You knew it all along but decided to go against it.  A fight to the finish.  In one corner is the ego, and in the other intuition.  It’s really a one sided fight…

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By Dr. Amanda Schmidt |