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Nature Beauty of Kerala Backwaters

By Ella Moxon - Feb 23 2017

Looking out for a perfect destination to spend holidays in India? Pack your bags, and get ready to explore the pristine charm of Kerala, one of the heavenly paradises of South India. If you are looking for a break, from the busy hectic schedule of the life and move out from the country for leisure […]

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Child Custody and Determining What’s Best for Your Child

By - Feb 20 2017

What Is Child Custody? When two married people with children decide to get a divorce, child custody becomes an important legal issue. Child custody refers to the legal obligation of the parents or guardian to take care of, supervise, educate, and manage all aspects related to the well-being of a minor child. This is a […]

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To All Those That Sit In Judgement

By Kellie Springer, RN - Feb 17 2017

“I don’t care, I would never do that!” stated another directly to me. She was referring to a choice that I made many years ago. My choice had harmed no one nor was it catastrophic by any means, except to this stranger that I had met only two hours before.   And I believed her, […]

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Believe It, Speak It, Don’t Give Up and Reach Your Goals

By Zhivi Williams - Feb 14 2017

I am sure we have all heard repeatedly that if you do not believe in yourself, no one else will. The question I would like to ask is; how does this statement apply in our lives? Should we apply this statement to our weight loss journey? To answer the second question; yes we should apply […]

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Experience Wildlife Safari with India Tiger Tours

By Ella Moxon - Feb 13 2017

Take a virtual tour to the most exciting wildlife safaris of India. It’s high time now, to throw away your stress, and plan a wildlife tour with your friends and family to enjoy a genuine wildlife gateway. Far from the noise and pollution of the city, you can find a green heaven over here. Along […]

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Understanding Legal Rights for Children of Unplanned Pregnancies

By SonjaShah - Feb 10 2017

One of the consistent aspects of life is the very unpredictable nature of life, and situations that women are required to face. An unplanned pregnancy can be life-changing for a woman of any age, and can present both financial and legal obstacles, as well as social entanglements, particularly if the biological father and mother are […]

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Why U.S. Anti-Stalking Laws Fall Short of Protecting Women from Violence

By - Feb 10 2017

Stalking in the United States may not get the attention it deserves.  Commonly held opinions that stalking is merely following or attempting to contact an individual, undermine and diminish the true hostility of the crime and the potential it has to escalate to injury and life-threatening violence. In America, there are ample laws that protect […]

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New Year, New You?

By Zhivi Williams - Feb 01 2017

Was your New Year’s resolution or goal to exercise and lose weight this year?  How did you do the first month of the New Year?  Are you still on track or have you fallen off?  Did you set realistic goals at the beginning of the New Year or did you just say, I’m going to […]

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What Single Successful Business Women Need to Know About Restraining Orders

By - Jan 24 2017

Stalking has increasingly become a serious safety issue for both women and men, thanks to the prevalence of social media and digital sharing. Today, it is easier for someone with malicious or obsessive intentions to follow the geographic movement of a stranger, simply by reading location geographic “check-in’s” or by viewing pictures on popular sites […]

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Do Your Skills Match Your Will? Choosing The Right Defense Method

By Tamara Shelley - Jan 17 2017

Does Your Skill Match Your Will: Choosing The Right Defense Method Everyone wants safety and security but not everyone is comfortable getting it in the same ways. For example, one person may decide to get a permit to carry a firearm, while another may not be willing to use a firearm for self-defense. In that […]

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Looking to Modify Child or Spousal Support? Here’s What You Need to Know

By - Jan 17 2017

Every family is unique, but unfortunately, not all families stay together forever. If you and your partner are divorced and have children together, there will be legal ramifications. One of the most important points that couples go to court over is child support. Another important factor is spousal support. But, what happens if the person […]

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By - Jan 16 2017

The first of January hits and you make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight so that you can look and feel amazing for the summer and next Christmas. You decide to exercise almost every day of the week and you decide to be ‘good’ with food every day of the week to help you […]

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9 Signs That Hint at Hormone Imbalance in Women

By - Jan 16 2017

Hormones affect all of us in some way or another. However, their effects are more pronounced in women who experience obvious changes in their hormone levels, especially from the mid-30s into their 40s and 50s, when they hit menopause. More often than not, they experience hormonal imbalance, which may result from their lifestyle, diet as […]