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The Inside Story: Schizophrenia

By Mental Health Channel - Aug 11 2016

Brandon Staglin went from brilliant engineering student to being institutionalized for Schizophrenia… [vimeo id=”121722185″] Over the next decade he fought his way back, to help found a leading brain research organization.


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Life is a Beautiful Ride

By Rachel Haugabook - Aug 04 2016

Life, in all its chaos and excitement, is nothing more and nothing less than a beautiful journey. We each choose how we see fit to travel it, just as we each choose how we feel throughout it, but in the end it is only what we make of it. May we all find the beauty […]

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Family Portrait: Ill In The Family: Bipolar

By Mental Health Channel - Jul 21 2016

Both of May Howard’s parents had bipolar disorder, and she and her 5 siblings all inherited it to some degree. By relying on each other, they prove that even families with serious challenges can persevere. [vimeo id=”102797449″]  

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Lily’s Adjustment to Sibling Loss

By Penny Howard - Jul 20 2016

From 2 years old, Lily’s normal was altered from what we as parents thought sibling normalcy would be.  And it progressively grew to more medical responsibilities than you would expect a child to know.  Lily’s “normal” as never been remembered by her as “normal.” Lily has been adjusting to Harper’s absence surprisingly well.  We have […]


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You Have a Right to Be Heard

By Alicia Morgan - Jun 16 2016

You have a right to be heard! That’s right you really do your voice is uniquely yours use it to blaze trails. The daily work for you is embracing what being fully heard means to you. When I think of being heard, I think of the following things: 1)    Saying and believing in the affirmation […]


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Be Kind to Yourself

By Rachel Haugabook - May 26 2016

It seems as if we have been raised backwards. From the beginning of life, we are directed to become our own biggest critic but depend on others to be our greatest source of comfort. How could living this way ever truly benefit any of us when no one knows what we need to heal and […]


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Believing is as Good as Seeing

By Rachel Haugabook - Apr 21 2016

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin We spend our lives observing the world around us and carving out for ourselves the parts that we like. We have desires, hopes, and dreams that we all want to see become a […]

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Women’s Sports: What You See Is What You Get

By Melissa Winn - Apr 07 2016

Female sports are just as exciting as male sports but TV ratings don’t reflect that. So why aren’t we watching and if we are, what are we watching? Want to see more great videos? Check out the Plaid for Women YouTube Channel & Plaid TV!


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How to Discover Your Purpose

By Anna DeBose Hankins - Dec 31 2015

  You are Amazing! Did you know that each day you’ve been awakened means you’ve been given another chance to live your WHY? Your WHY is your PURPOSE. It is THE reason why you are here on this Earth. Imagine how much more fulfilling your life will be when you discover and live your PURPOSE! […]


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Shopping Sabotage

By Alice Crawley - Dec 23 2015

  In this month’s ALICE TV episode, I share with you (and actually SHOW you) some of the items I have never worn, that were sucking energy from my home. But most importantly, I share my top three strategies for avoiding the trap of shopping for things you JUST DON’T NEED! I can’t wait for […]