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Choosing and Using a Real Estate Coach

Rossie Wang
By Rossie Wang |New York, NY

In most professions, there comes a time when as an individual you simply can’t go any further without some sort of an outside help. As you probably know, real estate is a lucrative and highly competitive business. If you want to take your business from ordinary to extraordinary you can benefit considerably from personalized mentoring and real estate coaching. Luther Ragsdale is a veteran and a reputable name in the field of real estate, with a rich background of helping other agents achieve their goals. As a real estate coach, he helps agents become more competitive, set goals, strategize growth, and stay focused.

Real estate coaching can be invaluable for new agents that are eager to grow and open to new ideas. It is one of the most valuable methods of training in the business that allows aspiring agents to learn how to create and cultivate leads and sharpen their sales skills for desired results. Luther has been identified as one of Georgia’s most influential real estate trainers, coaches, and leaders. According to him, it’s not uncommon even for pros who’ve been in the game for years to feel uncertain about how to structure your business, grow your lead database, build relationships, and, ultimately, maximize profits. Namely, real estate professionals can begin their real estate training at any stage. Beginners can learn from those who have managed to climb to the top of the ladder and learn how to set goals, market themselves, make smart decisions, offer top-level customer service and have the right attitude. Real estate coaching can help mid-level agents to break down the barriers that impede their success, convert more prospects into sales and open up more time in their schedules for fun. Nowadays there are a lot of new techniques and technology designed to make their practice much more efficient.

One common solution that can help both accomplished agents and newcomers is to hire an experienced, reputable real estate coach who can guide them in the right direction. He noted the important role coaches play in the career development and general business growth of real estate agents. With the advice, guidance, and opportunities that real estate agent services provide you along the way, you won’t just reach the next level of success with your business, you’ll reap invaluable benefits from it. That is why growing numbers of real-estate agents are hiring coaches.

In general, real estate coaches are real estate veterans who understand the needs and wants of the new real estate professionals. By hiring a real estate coach, you get personal consultancy and guidance from skilled agents and brokers who know what it takes to market a real estate business, generate qualified leads, begin and nurture relationships, and close deals.

Rossie Wang
Rossie Wang |New York, NY
Rossie Wang is a former Real Estate agent turned to analyst and blogger. In her honest personal opinion, London - and not New York is the first stop for the richest people in the world, looking it from the real estate lens. She was real estate agent who worked only with the richest. On her list, for example, there were some high-profile luxurious houses from $14 million in the wealthy London suburb of Hampstead. But, she says that while all that glamour turns all the heads, it is the most exhausting job in the world. Buyers, especially from the Middle East and Russia, are coming in bigger and bigger numbers, and their wallets hunger for new opportunities and new investors. Wang is young and ambitious. She feels the spirit of the times and always strives to be one step ahead in her work. This is primarily why she moved away from real estate and started blogging. In her first year of work she helped the firm's customers make the best decisions when choosing their future place of residence (house, apartment, etc.) in New York. Her high professionalism, coordinated work with her team, gave her competitive advantage and helped her maintain an adequate level of quality of services.

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