I love living in NYC, but some days (kind of like the crazy one I’m having today), I question whether I’m truly cut out for the fast-paced, go-go-go nature of the city. Some women seem to thrive in this kind of environment. (These are the same women who work 12 hours a day, never miss a social function, and still manage to have Dry Bar hair and Core Fusion abs.) If you are one of these amazing and resilient creatures, I salute you!

I, on the other hand, am not. I need my sleep. I need my down time. I need my clean food, and I need my yoga. And when these needs aren’t met, (which unfortunately seems to be the norm as of late), my body pays for it. Like really pays for it – Typically in the form of irritability, fatigue, anxiety, and my all time personal fave…skin freak-outs!

These less than desirable side effects are my body’s (not so polite way) of letting me know when it’s time to take it easy, grab a green juice, and get back on the mat.

Listening to anything other than my body is simply not an option. Especially knowing what I know about Adrenal Fatigue.

When we’re under stress, our body produces a hormone called cortisol. This is normal and healthy, but if we’re running around, trying to do it all, and finding ourselves in a constant state of stress, cortisol will continue to release. High levels of cortisol can be toxic to the body, and when our adrenal glands are producing it in excess, they can become just as fatigued as we are.

Unfortunately, Adrenal Fatigue can rear its ugly head in the following ways:

* fatigue (Obviously)
* non-refreshing sleep
* insomnia
* weight gain
* depression
* Irritability, impatience, quick to anger
* reduced memory
* anxiety
* hair loss
* acne
* cravings for carbs
* cravings for salt
* cravings for sweets
* poor Immune function
* worsened allergies
* reliance on stimulants like caffeine
* head aches
* dizziness

If this sounds all too familiar, then don’t you think it’s time to give those poor little adrenal glands a break?

R&R is perhaps the most vital key to good health. And getting enough of it, in conjunction with a clean diet and exercise, can help reverse these undesirable side effects.

So go ahead, put away that to-do list, and give your adrenals the support they need. Take a nap, read a book, get a massage, meditate, practice yoga, and start embracing the restorative powers of your (believe it or not) already amazing and resilient body.