It has been one of those weeks. Every time I tried to work on something that was important to me something, or someone demanded my attention. It got to a point that I wanted to scream. I started to think, “what is wrong with these people, can’t they see I am busy?” The reality is we are all busy, we all have goals to achieve, tasks to complete and people we care about. When something or someone demands our attention we can either react or make a conscious choice. In my case there was nothing wrong with other people they were just doing their thing. There was nothing wrong with me either, but because I was busy and not paying attention my emotions were triggered and I reacted to the situation. Luckily for me I realized what was happening and no-one was harmed.


Emotional Intelligence plays an important role both at home and in the workplace. Kendra Cherry says emotionally intelligent people are able to correctly identify the underlying causes of their emotions. My initial reaction was about other people and what they were doing to me. Once I got myself in check I could see that it was me and my emotions that triggered my reaction. I was getting overwhelmed and could not take in any more information. When I realized this I was able to ask myself, “what do I want?” This triggered the thinking part of brain and I was able to make conscious choice as to how to thoughtfully meet my own needs while being respectful to others.


Being aware of the 5 components of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is important, but can you develop EQ? Yes you can, I am working on it.