grace in businessMy goal is to provide encouragement to entrepreneurs as I maneuver through my entrepreneurial journey. I’d like to share my good news that we continue to grow and expand our coverage throughout DFW. There’s lots to be said about starting a business but the one aspect that I haven’t read much in business is experiencing grace, especially grace in business.

Grace is defined as simple elegance or refinement of movement. How does that relate to entrepreneurship and operating your business?

Under Pressure

As an entrepreneur, self-induced pressure to make things right and win bids or gain accounts is ongoing. Keep your inner motivation on the right track by focusing on the goal of making it through this day alone. While there’s plentiful personal and professional even worldly distractions, keep your tone and messages positive by remembering that grace under pressure is something that will be remembered by all those you connect with that day. Pressure creates diamonds and coal so when you exhibit grace – your sparkle will light up the room.

Under Fire

Grace under fire is similar to grace under pressure but this is external forces. Our focus and emotions can be distracted when external matters crash into our daily plan. Keeping your emotional focus on developing a solution for external issues is vital to succeeding as an entrepreneur and this is grace under fire. Exuding your brilliance and confidence when “issues” hit the ceiling fan and splatter throughout your daily plans takes genuine grace when under fire. Fire creates and destroys but grace permeates into the heart of a person or issue and that’ll be your calling card.

Over Guilt

I recently read about grace over guilt and it inspired me to write about it. My interpretation is simple – give yourself a break! Love yourself, mediate, pray for yourself – so many entrepreneurs put themselves second to the business. I’d like to send you a gentle reminder – there’s no business without YOU! Starting a business is difficult, scary and emotional so live a life filled with grace. You deserve success, lessons learned, blessings and a life filled with

Mistakes and success happen moreover life will keep on going so why not recognize the role of grace in your life.