G’Day ,Zao, Goddag, Aloha, Bonjour, Ciao and Howdy to all you amazing Women of Plaid. I am so excited and proud to introduce you to Plaid for Women’s Fearless Travel with Trich.

My parents insisted my brother and I had an opportunity to see and experience some of the world around us. What they didn’t realize that they created a travel monster daughter with a passion to see the world. I have been blessed to have traveled the globe and experience the most amazing habitats, cultures and people.

People ask me how I decide where to go. I tell them it starts with a dream. As we develop Plaid for Women Travel, we want you to learn to travel fearlessly. The first step is to ask yourself, “Where have I always dreamed of going?” Maybe you have dreamed of going to New York City to see a Broadway show or the Statue of Liberty. You may have seen yourself at the Eiffel Tower or at Notre Dame in Paris. You may even have dreamed of an African Safari (like I have since I was five years old)! Once you have identified YOUR dream place, that’s when you set about making your dream come true.

As I have traveled, I have learned a few travel tips along the way I want to share with you as we launch this wonderful Plaid adventure.

1. Travel with an open mind and spirit. Something unexpected IS going to happen! Some fun things, some not so funny. For example this past summer I had a layover in LA on my way to Australia and I had such great fun talking and joking with these four wonderful young men from Jamaica. When we were saying our goodbyes I realized, when everyone rushed them, that it was the Olympic 4×4 track team. Mr. Bolt is a very tall man and I understand why he won gold with that stride. WHAT FUN !
Another time, I have had to do three weeks in Africa with no luggage. Not so FUN. Fortunately there is a Woolworth right there in Maun, Botswana. I made it just fine. Flexibility is the key.

2. Travel safely. Use common sense. Stay alert to danger. Stay with your group. Don’t travel with valuables. Keep money, passport and important documentation on your body either with a money belt or an around the neck carrier.

3. Take travel insurance. As I said earlier anything can happen even before you leave on your trip. Remember my lost luggage?

4. Whatever and how much you have packed, reduce it by half! You don’t need it! Remember laundry services and self-laundry facilities are offered almost everywhere – even on safari! Plus, many times, you now have to pay for extra bags when traveling.

Please join us for our travel adventures. For our first trip, we will be taking a bite out of the Big Apple in New York City in November of 2013. Our 2014 adventures will be springtime in Paris, France and summer in Africa on a photo safari.

I look forward to being your “Plaid Docent” to the adventurous and fearless world of Plaid for Women Travel.  Click this link to go to our travel page!

See all you fearless ladies on the road. . .