What are you lucky in?

  • Love
  • Health
  • Career
  • Money
  • Children

I am lucky because I have a wonderful husband that I am in love with. It took waiting until my 30’s to find him. Hope that everyone can have someone terrific in their life.

I wish we could all be lucky to have great health. My health has always been good; my goal for 2017 is to keep it that way. Working out, eating healthier and reducing my stress level. One step at a time. WE call all do it!!

How about in your career? I have been blessed to be in a long medical career that I love. Everyday my objective is to make a difference. We are placed on this earth to be the change and make a difference. Today can be the first day for you to do that.

Remember the famous movie line….. Show me the money!!! Also who cannot forget the song … Millionaire? Well I think there is a lot of people wish they could have Oprah’s money. The thing to always remember is that money cannot buy happiness. Memories can be great to have because that cannot be bought.

Do You Feel Lucky? Well, Do Ya…

CHILDREN are amazing!! They can be biological, adopted or furry. I have been fortunate to have 5 amazing children that have brought me so much joy!

As we approach St Patrick’s Day with the parties and parades. Just think about how lucky you are. Be grateful and embrace it!!!