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Green Tea and its positive effects on the human health and physiology

Antara Patel
By Antara Patel |Ahmedabad, Gujarat

In this fast pacing life, everyone seeks for a break from this overbearing stress. While it is not physically possible all the time, there are ways to keep you healthy. Tea is one such beverage that people from all across the globe drink and enjoy. While some like it with a dash of milk and sugar, some like it black and without any additive sweetener. It doesn’t matter in what way its drunk; they sure do help in keeping one active and ready to take over the world. There are several variants of tea that are available in the market now. The one that sure does stand out amidst the lot has to be the Green Tea. It is not just a beverage but one with several medicinal values that help ensure to keep people healthy and better their immunity. Finding green tea online as well as in stores is not something anyone has to fret about now. We are here to throw some light on some of the lesser known effects that this beverage has on one’s health.

Lose those extra pounds

Before we jump into the much lesser known benefits, let us take a peek at the most common one. The one compound that is found in Green Tea is polyphenol. According to several types of research and doctors, it has been cited that this compound excessively helps in weight loss. It does so by increasing the levels of beta oxidation of fat, thereby not letting the excess fat accumulate. If you are looking for easier ways to cut down those extra pounds, a few cups of this warm liquid sure can help.

Great medicine for Diabetes

Diabetes Type II or the one which solely depends on the functions of insulin is something that is increasing every single day. It has been found that Green Tea is good to keep the glucose levels in the blood in control. It also prevents the sudden insulin spikes which have adverse effects on the proper breakdown of excess glucose. It helps in maintaining perfect levels of the Glucose when needed.

Keeps your heart healthy

Several studies have concluded that Green Tea helps in keeping the cardiovascular system healthy two ways. It helps in keeping the lining vessels of the blood relaxed and not constricted which keeps the blood pressure in check. It also decreases the rate of the oxidation of Low-Density Lipoprotein thereby keeping cholesterol levels in check. These two effects work together to ensure a healthier heart for a better and longer life.

Healthier teeth and gums

Green Tea has anti-bacterial effects on the body whose result is the most prominent on the gums and teeth. A research work done by the American Academy of Periodontology emphasized on the same. It is primarily the presence of the antioxidant catechin is the one that lowers the risks of infection in the mouth of a human. This beverage is not just good in taste but also ensures the less growth of bacteria in the mouth. This, in turn, keeps the gum healthy, free of plaque and doesn’t cause bad breath.

Opposing effects on onset of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s

The terms Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are not unknown to man in today’s date. While these disorders cannot be completely eradicated, they sure can be delayed. This is exactly what Green Tea helps with. A study reported back in 2005 revealed that the consumption of Green Tea prevents the degeneration of brain cells. It helps in restoring the depleting brain cells during old age thereby halting the onset of the mentioned neurological disorders. It is again the catechins in it that mainly aids the protection of these neurons in the higher centres of the body.

Accelerates brain function

Unlike the adverse long term effects of caffeine, Green Tea doesn’t impart negative impacts on one’s brain functions. Increased intake of coffee often leads to hyperstimulation of the brain whose continued consumption can be bad. With Green tea, it is not the same. The caffeine amount in it is comparatively lower than coffee or other beverages. This is turn keeps the brain alert but also doesn’t stimulate it on unnecessary levels.

Decreases stress levels

Green tea is known to have the primary compound known as L-theanine. This is a compound that can easily cross the blood-brain barrier thus improving the brain functions. Another effect it has is on the inhibitory neurotransmitter, GABA. It increases the certain inhibitory activity of it and increases the release of dopamine as well. The release of the latter along with the production of alpha waves in the brain helps in keeping the stress lower. It helps a person feel a peaceful and tranquilizing effect in their body.

Perfect for skin as well

Yet another positive effect that Green Tea has is one the skin of a person. It is mainly fruitful because of the anti-inflammatory and the anti-oxidant properties that it has. Daily consumption of it helps in keeping the skin fresh, glowing and wrinkle free. It has also been reported that it helps in preventing sun burn.

Helps in combating cancer

The most important functional property of Green tea is its antioxidant property. It not just helps in cleansing the body and protecting the skin, it has other effects as well. The primary benefit is to combat the possibility of cancer. The antioxidants help in reducing the levels of generation of ketone bodies and lower the rate of oxidation. It helps in destroying the cancer cells without harming the good cells surrounding it. It definitely lowers the risk of cancer.

While these are some of the most important benefits of Green tea, it is necessary to lead a healthy life as well. Daily consumption of this warm beverage can keep a lot of diseases at bay. It is necessary to note that green tea and milk don’t impart any positive effects. It is thus best to drink it plain and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Many studies encircling green tea online state that it help to keep the mind fresh, energetic, and lively.

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Antara Patel
Antara Patel |Ahmedabad, Gujarat
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