We all know that leading a healthy lifestyle can help us feel our best and improve our longevity.  Have you ever thought that leading a healthy lifestyle can actually save you money?  Here are a few ways being healthier can make you wealthier.

Saving Money by Cooking at Home

We know that cooking at home is generally a healthier option.  We have smaller portion sizes and most of us don’t use a deep fryer daily.  Spending money out to eat not only costs more per meal we are generally tempted with foods that have no nutritional saving grace like French Fries.  Here are a few ideas on saving money by eating at home:

  • Create a weekly meal plan and corresponding grocery list
  • Go meatless once a week saving up to $4 per person per serving
  • Take your lunch to work saving $8-$10 per day

Check out a favorite meal planning template and grocery list

The Right Amount of Sleep Enhances Productivity and Decision Making

The lack of sleep can lead to poor decision making like spending on things you don’t need or even not performing well at work.  In fact, according to National Center for Biotechnology Information the lack of sleep for a 17 to 19 hours period has the same effects as drinking and having a blood alcohol level of %0.05.  What could this cost you?

  • Decreased job performance can reduce your overall lifetime earnings
  • Poor decision making on spending like purchasing too much car or spending beyond your budget

Check out Tuck for ideas on enhancing your sleep routine to give you a rested night’s sleep.

Reduced Medical Expenses

Medical costs can be one of the largest items in your budget and will only increase with age.  One of the largest expenditures in retirement is earmarked for healthcare and long term care as we age.  While we can’t control our genetics, we can make health decisions which will impact our health in the future and impact the costs.  Here are a few healthy habits that potentially reduce our need for medical care:

  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight
  • Working out and continuing to be active

Depending on your health it might make sense for your family to move to a high deductible health plan and you could be eligible for the highest health rating for long term care insurance.

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