Chaos surrounds my daughter’s life now with a full time job,three non-boring boys, a Hot Hub, and the race is on as they sold their house in one day gearing up for their next adventure – living out of boxes in an apartment while their new home is being built. In the middle of packed boxes and a half empty house, with balloons saying Happy Father’s Day, I realize the holiday to celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day is not a holiday.

Every day is Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. There is no time out, no down time, but I am so overwhelmed with the love I feel in this household. Each one of my grandsons knows they are cherished.

The chaos of raising children is short-lived. So many more games of life to look forward to and in the stands are their ever-present Mom and Dad along with the older generation cheerleaders. Together, my daughter and son-in-law provide the umbrella of love that protects and cares as I get to watch as their boys grow in a nurturing environment.

Where my grandsons lay their heads is not important. It is the secure feeling they go to bed with every night they can always hold on to, allowing them to dream the dreams meant only for childhood. Blessed are we to stand and watch as our hearts beat to the sound of their breathing in the light of love.

In six months, they will be in a new home. At the heart of this home is a Mom and Dad ars wrapped around one another watching over their boys. Together.