Fourteen years ago, after graduating from college, I never imagined my career aspirations would have completely changed from engineering. I am a problem solver who loves to analyze why things exist and change from one day to the next. I am also equally creative completely spontaneous in my approach to thinking outside of the lines of conventional thought. A combination of my right and left-brain working in overdrive I decided that I must blend the two in a career path with no specific and perfect guidelines that I could follow. Yes, there are examples of successful people in the target areas of my interest. However, my journey reveals a path uniquely my own. Humility has taught me some valuable lessons on how to successfully start over in a new career. I encourage you to pursue your most passionate dreams and I hope these lessons can help propel you into further greatness.

1. Starting from the Bottom Again

A successful career in any field for many years is very gratifying. The moment you decide to pursue a new career path you must embrace the mindset of being a rookie again. Your transferable skills are valuable but you don’t know the cultural dynamics of the new field. There is a shift in mindset that must take place. This involves knowing that in order to rise to the top again you must start from the bottom and work your way up.

2. Learn from anyone you can

It is easy to categorize who may have the right advice or information to share with you based on your own preconceived notions. However, your greatest teacher is always someone who has successfully ventured well in the unknown territory you are walking in. Tailor your ego when starting over in a new field because you literally don’t know what you don’t know and who might have the answer.

3. You are what you post on social media

Social media is a wonderful tool that connects people locally and globally. Starting a new job in a new field is a rebranding of sorts where social media can be your most powerful marketing tool. There are some down sides to social media as well; everything you post creates a log of your thoughts good or bad. These posts can have an unexpected consequence of hindering whether you get a new job or client as an entrepreneur.

4. Tell your story well

It is easy to want to take a crash course and want to excel fast and early in your new career choice. This is a normal feeling for most people. However, your story is worth telling in a compelling way that retains the attention of a potential hiring manager or client if you are an entrepreneur. Don’t deny any part of your experiences a long the way it shapes who you have become professionally.

5. Celebrate small and major accomplishments a long the way

Do you celebrate all of your accomplishments? Or are you focused only on outcomes and not really enjoying the moments where a job well done is a well-deserved compliment for you. I admit sometimes I focus on what I want to accomplish in the future that the lovely present desires my appreciation. A few years go; I decided to place all personal and professional accomplishments in a dedicated box. I call the box my motivational box of inspiration that I take out and go through when I am feeling like I need a confidence boost for the day.

Now, are you ready to start over in a new career? If you are, buckle up and enjoy the bumpy ride, where complacency is never an option.