Whenever I am asked to tell my weight loss story I always wonder which one? My recollection is I was born a size 14 and I don’t really remember all the in between sizes. I just remember being bigger and never quite comfortable. In parts of my life I was fit, I could make it happen with extreme fasting or some crazy diet but for the most part I grew up overweight. Fast forward to the part where as a successful sales leader and trainer I had a handle on my career and success but had lost my grip on my health and weight. In my early years of insurance if I had to collect an award I could starve myself and get the weight off but eventually that stopped working.

At the height of my insurance career I was standing in front of my sales agents at the head of the conference room table awaiting the projection screen to lower when over the hum of the motor I heard someone whisper “Do you think she is pregnant?” Looking around to see who they could possibly be talking about I was horrified to find it was me! The two hours I spent making the “walk of shame to the closet” trying to hide what everyone could plainly see was of no use. My weight and frankly my health was now a distraction. What people saw on the outside and what I wanted for my life and my business were in total opposition. My body did not match my business plan. Something had to change!

Being the daughter of a dietician I read, researched and interviewed everyone I could about what it takes to be healthy. The Epiphany was that any weight loss method would be temporary but food is forever. What does that mean? It means that even if I lost the weight and kept eating the food I was ingesting I would be right back where I was. Thank God for perfect timing because the miracle was learning that it’s not what you eat that makes you fat it’s what’s in what you eat that makes you fat. With this understanding I put together a research group using HCG as the tool and the results bore out. Everyone lost weight with the tool, but not everyone kept it off until the new maintenance program developed from my research was fully implemented. I am now following my passion to help men and women get their bodies to match their brand through weight loss and real nutrition. My business is now changing lives of entire families with concierge level coaching and education and complete hand holding to remove any slippery slopes.

I can say now I am thankful for the early years of struggle because when you are the fat girl you have to work harder and smarter because nothing is easy. I am still smart and I still work hard, but now I have the body that facilitates my message that Health is truly your Wealth!! My body now matches my brand as the queen of weight loss.

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