Multiple partners? A clarification for you on what is meant by “yes, have multiple partners”!

Can you really hold yourself accountable, by yourself?

Or do you need others to help you with the goals you want to achieve?

There are two questions to initially ask yourself:

1. What areas am I struggling in and could use some help achieving momentum or a breakthrough to accomplish my goals? Pick two or three, no more.

2. Have I clearly defined the results I want to accomplish in those areas?

It is my belief that many individuals have a tough time being disciplined enough to hold themselves accountable in all areas of their life, such as work/business, finances, relationships, health, fun, personal development.

As such, be seeking out an accountability partner for each of those areas, you will be amazed at the progress that can occur. Be mindful that it may not just be one person who becomes your accountability partner for all areas of your life.

For example, if you wanting to exercise more, then finding that workout buddy makes it more fun, more committing and more likely to happen on a regular basis. If you are discerning like I am, you will want to find someone who is a few steps ahead of you on their journey so that you can learn from them too.

If you want to write a book, then you may need to find another budding author who needs accountability too. Your workout accountability partner may not be the best “get your book done in 90 days” partner due to their lack of interest or knowledge on the subject.

Once you have identified those areas of your life, begin the process of seeking out the best accountability partner you can find. Your spouse or a family member may not be the best accountability partner, as they are emotionally attached to your outcomes either positive or negative.

Realize that you have an equal stake in the accountability process…..they hold you accountable and you hold them accountable on that specific area. Thus, the process becomes a win-win for both of you.

A personal example for me is the writing of my second book, The Power of Focus, Commitment and Momentum: 9 Principles to Achieving Maximum Results. I met a lady who was also writing a book. We decided to meet every Monday for 2-4 hours to work on writing and working on our books. She worked on hers. I worked on mine. We did that for about ten weeks and made incredible progress. Had we not spent that time, I know that I would have committed those hours to consistently working toward my goal.

Here are your four steps to success:

  • Get started with someone you trust and has similar goals/challenges
  • Make agreements with each other
  • Clearly define the results you want to achieve and be accountable
  • Commit to each other in words and on your calendar

Accountability works. Use it in your life.


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