Live like you mean it!! Think about what you are doing when you are doing it! A revolutionary thought? To those of us in this fast-paced world, it does seem like a foreign thought.

Yet, it seems we are all searching for more meaning in our life. And when we live intentionally, we pay attention and appreciate the moment we are living in.

Live with intention and really see and feel everything that surrounds you.It seems simple and yet it is so difficult. Look at the sky, feel the sun, hear the leaves crunch under your foot on a warm Indian summer day. We may never pass this way again–Live like you mean it!!

Intentional Living is living like we used to live before all of our present-day technology. I remember lying in the grass and looking for four-leaf clovers. It was soothing, it was cooling in the summer day and it was fabulous when I found the ever-elusive four-leaf clover. I felt like I had grabbed the brass ring and won the prize. I was so proud of myself. I was living in the moment and it felt wonderful.

We all want to feel wonderful. Why does it seem so difficult at times? I think, no, I believe it is because we are not living intentionally.

We need to pay attention to everything around us and inside of us. Listen to your breathing and breathe in life affirming oxygen. Your body will thank you by giving your more energy and a more fulfilled filling.

Being patient is one of my biggest challenges. I am very high-energy, and I talk fast, think fast, move fast.  For me, to really slow down and smell the proverbial roses is a challenge. I need to take a deep, cleansing breath before I make a move.

This is my new resolution. Live Like You Mean It! Live with intention and really see and feel everything that surrounds you. Take a breath and the world becomes clearer and more meaningful.