Have you ever lost someone who made your heart sing? Have you ever lost something you assumed was everlasting?
Regardless of whether you have suffered loss from death, a divorce, or an end to something you’d hoped would endure – I believe we all have the capacity to connect with an “inner life coach”.
Our survival instinct is beyond powerful – not only in our physical body, but in our heart and soul as well. So if we allow our tears to flow, our laughter to erupt, our eyes to witness, our ears to listen, our arms to embrace, our minds to open, our souls to bond, our spirits to expand… we can live through loss.
When I was dealing with the initial grief of my daughter’s death, I marveled at my body’s innate ability to continue breathing.  And then I was amazed by how laughter kept sneaking out of my mouth. I later noticed that my capacity to recognize and revel in beauty was still in-tact. I also discovered that food and wine still tasted divine – and music still made me move. Oddly enough, my voice even continued to sing!
I am beginning to think that living through loss is possible, especially if we learn to accept the things that cause us to experience pain – and refuse to ignore the things that bring us joy. It’s true that the human journey involves both love and loss (my father says, “Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes.”). Hence, perhaps if we push ourselves to focus on the next “hello”, the next salmon-colored sunrise, the next meditative ocean wave, the next butterfly landing… we can reclaim that survivor spirit (a.k.a. “inner life coach”) that lives inside of each and every one of US!