Mean Girls – It’s Elementary My Dear.

In the summer of 1985, I left my apartment heading to work in downtown Fort Worth.  As I rounded the corner, I caught sight of a young girl sobbing her eyes out. I ran up to her, knelt down and gently tried to calm her.

As tears streamed down her beet red face, she told me she and her family had just moved to Texas from California.  She was starting her first day in fifth grade and had boarded the school bus that was parked just inside the apartment complex entrance.  Her parents had already left for their respective jobs.

As she climbed onto the bus, she was met by a small group of contemporaries who immediately made her feel unwelcome.  You know…mean girls.  This young lady was a bit overweight and obviously didn’t meet the standards of this particular coven of juvenile witches.

I boarded the bus (to the dismay of the driver who was trying to stay on schedule) and proceeded to share my thoughts (as succinctly and in a way of group of 10 year olds could comprehend) about my thoughts on bullying, not being kind to one another, what if you had just moved here etc. etc. 

I turned to my new friend, wiped the tears from her eyes and told her to be strong and have a good day and that not all girls were like the ones on the bus.  As the doors closed and the fumes of the yellow school bus wafted through the air, I said a little prayer for Amy that she would be strong and make some real friendships as she began her journey navigating through adolescence.

My heart hurts and anger wells up in my throat even today as I think about that incident so many years ago.  

At Plaid for Women….there are NO MEAN GIRLS allowed.

We have the power to change the world for the better.

For those of you who are still exhibiting mean girl behavior, go get some therapy or get over yourselves…

We have too many important things to get done.