When you get on an airplane, you really want to be able to trust that the pilot knows how to fly, has not been drinking or doing drugs and will get you safely to your destination. Short of becoming a pilot yourself, you pretty much have to trust.

Though many would also like to trust their doctors, this situation is actually very different. You may say, “I didn’t go to med school!” but there are some secrets about medicine that everyone should know, for the very reason that they haven’t been to med school.

1. According to the FDA, less than one percent of doctors know the side effects of the drugs they prescribe.
2. Doctors learn new information from drug reps, who rarely tell them about side effects.
3. Much of a doctors continuing medical education is sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.
4. If you Google your medical condition, you may quickly learn more about it than your doctor knows.

How about what you hear through the media? Here’s why your favorite news’ person may not be telling you the truth.

1. Drug companies are their biggest sponsors. (One national TV producer told me they would not undermine their sponsors even it if was the truth.)
2. Reread # 1.

The pharmaceutical industry:

1. They make billions of dollars selling vaccines.
2. They have no liability at all for any damages vaccines may cause. You cannot sue them.
3. They often do their research in third world counties with little oversight.
4. If the research shows a drug fails or causes harm, they are not obligated to report it to the FDA.
5. They have been know to write their own journal article and then pay a doctor to put their name on it so it looks legitimate.
6. They pay doctors a lot of money to do their research and if the research fails, they may not use that doctor again. This creates motivation to fudge results.
7. Both the FDA and CDC allow people with a financial conflict of interest to sit on committees that vote to approve a drug or vaccine. (All in favor of making millions from the sale of this vaccine, say “Aye”)
8. The FDA and CDC are used as stepping-stones to get big paying pharmaceutical jobs.

The Government:

1. Legislators on a state and federal level receive large amounts of money from pharmaceutical lobbyists. To think that this would not affect how they vote would be naive.
2. The government has paid out billions of dollars for vaccine damages.

How is a person supposed to know what to do? The answer is “READ!” The information is out there. For example, the CDC lists, on their web site, the number of measles cases in the past. (Measles was never eliminated. There have been multiple cases every year.) The vaccine was introduced in 1963, yet in 1995, there were 301 cases in the United States. And no one has died from Measles in over 10 years in the U.S., yet, according to the VAERS Report, there have been over 100 deaths from the Measles vaccine in that same period of time.

Can people have reactions and even die from having the Measles infection? Yes, it is possible. But it is more likely, in the U.S. to have a reaction and die from the Measles vaccine.

Measles is a rash, a cough and a fever. In my generation, everyone had the Measles. We didn’t die from it, but we did get lifetime immunity from having the infection.

We are hearing a lot from parents who have children with cancer being concerned about unvaccinated kids being around their children. Let’s talk some facts about this.

1. If someone is not vaccinated, it does not mean they are walking around with a hundred infections.
2. It has been shown in several studied that unvaccinated kids are more healthy than vaccinated kids.
3. Live vaccines shed. This means they can actually give the infection to themselves and others around them for at least 6 weeks. Other live vaccines include, Nasal Flu, Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR), Rotavirus, Chicken Pox and Shingles). If you don’t believe this, read the web site of St. Jude’s Cancer Center for Children. They say stay away from anyone recently vaccinated if you have cancer.
4. Many vaccines contain formaldehyde, which the FDA has classified as a carcinogenic substance.
5. It is entirely possible that children with cancer may have developed it because of exposure to carcinogenic substances in vaccines.
6. If parents run out and vaccinate their kids with the MMR and then send them to school where a child with cancer is attending, they could give that child an infection that could kill them. The same would be true if the teacher has just received the Shingles vaccine.
7. A healthy unvaccinated child will not harm a child with cancer. Perhaps if a child’s immune system is compromised, they should not be around others or the newly vaccinated should not be allowed at school until they no longer carry a risk.

One in every 500,000 Americans had the measles last year. They all recovered, no one died. Yet last year 1 in 68 children were diagnosed with autism. For every case of measles there were 7000 cases of autism. The lives of these children are destroyed as well as the lives of their parents. We hear through the media that vaccines don’t cause autism yet there are over 100 studies saying they do. Dr. Bill Thompson, CDC scientist, recently received Federal Whistleblower immunity after he confessed that his team lied and manipulated their data to say there was no association between the MMR vaccine and autism, when their data actually showed the MMR can cause autism. Congressman Bill Posey is investigating the CDC.

The U.S has the highest infant death rate and lowest lifespan of any industrial country and along with that, the U.S has the highest vaccine rate.

Should we force a vaccine on anyone when that vaccine can spread the infection, cause autism and even kill, when getting the Measles causes only a fever, a cough and a rash and seems to only kill in third world countries with poor sanitation and nutrition? Of course we shouldn’t.

We would like to trust what doctors, the government, the media and the drug companies tell us. But we just can’t!