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Need a Healthy, easy dinner idea?

Alainee Simonson
By Alainee Simonson |Grapevine, TX

Hi! Struggling with what to make for dinner tonight? Just wanted to share a super SIMPLE dinner I made last night that was a big hit😋🍽

Chicken Cauli Teriyaki

Ingredients:– Cooked chicken– Steamable bag of cauliflower rice– Steamable bag of broccoli– Teriyaki Sauce (I prefer Kinders brand because it’s organic, gluten free, & doesn’t contain high fructose corn syrup like most sauces do)

Directions:Cook chicken (use a premade rotisserie if you want to make it even easier), steam your cauliflower rice & broccoli in the microwave, & mix all together with your Teriyaki sauce. BOOM💥 Dinner served!!

Seriously this took me all of 15 minutes & the hardest part was cooking the chicken😆

Hope you enjoy! Be sure to share your recipes you try online and tag me @alaineesimonson and use the hashtag, #alwaysrisingcollective!

Alainee Simonson
Alainee Simonson |Grapevine, TX
Hi, I am Alainee! Mama of two beautiful, spunky little ones, a 5 year old boy, and almost one year old little girl. I am married to my absolute best friend and hunk of a husband who is my biggest...Read More
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