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The Cost of Inaction
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The Cost of Inaction

By Michele Gooch - Apr 24 2017

It had been six years since he started drinking his pain away. With each passing year he become more full of rage and I more emptied of strength. I was doing all I could do — careful confrontations, strategic conversations, good self-care, lengthy reprieves. Upon reflection, I see that those were all excuses for inaction. […]

Ask Ms. Plaid

Ask Ms. Plaid: Dealing with Passive-Aggressive Behavior
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Ask Ms. Plaid: Dealing with Passive-Aggressive Behavior

By Ms. Plaid - Apr 21 2017

Dear Ms. Plaid: I need help on how best to handle a friend who is always passive aggressive with me. I know she cares about me and our friendship, so why does she exhibit such behavior? – Sincerely, Hurt Feelings Dear Hurt Feelings: According to Wikipedia the definition of passive-aggressive behavior is the following: Passive-aggressive […]

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Cure for all Diseases…Nutritious Food
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Cure for all Diseases…Nutritious Food

By Kimberly Olson - Apr 20 2017

The prevention of most human diseases exists in the earth’s soil. A bold and provocative statement to make indeed! Most agree that in order to maintain a long healthy life, there are four to five essential life style choices required: nutritious food, exercise, stress management, sleep and social connections. This writing will address the food […]

Health & Wellness

N9: Nursing to the Power of 9
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N9: Nursing to the Power of 9

By Amy Gallagher - Apr 19 2017

As an internationally-published journalist for the medical, nursing, rescue, aviation and military markets, one of my greatest moments was as the editor for ADVANCE for Nurses magazine where I interviewed hundreds of nurses and toured countless healthcare facilities throughout Texas. The first Chief Nursing Officer [CNO] who I met as editor was Cole Edmonson DNP, […]

Career & Money

Different Generations: Can We Learn From Each Other?
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Different Generations: Can We Learn From Each Other?

By Judy Hoberman - Apr 18 2017

The last two weeks I had back-to-back traveling, training and speaking. While my number one topic is women-how to recruit them, how to give them great training, how to retain them and how to promote them into leadership roles, there were a number of questions about how to integrate different generations into an environment that […]

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Sheila Jackson
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Plaid Radio – Listening Makes Sheila a Better Leader

By Sarah Webb - Apr 18 2017

“Better listening has made me a better leader,” said Sheila Jackson on Plaid Radio when discussing her successful business career.  Sheila serves as President and Partner of Principle Transport Group and J.A. Jackson  Construction which provides engineered solutions in transpiration and construction.  In this interview we discuss how she rose to leadership in a male […]