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To Go Boldly: We are more BOLD than We Think

By Noor Saadeh - Sep 21 2017

I never thought of myself as bold. I still don’t. But in retrospect, I see how passion and commitment can morph even the most reticent of us to boldly tackle our dreams and aspirations. I think a lot of women are quite bold. Reflect on your life and the steps you have taken and you…

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State of Mind – Controlling Your Stress

By Jaime Cobb - Sep 20 2017

Ever feel like a hamster frantically running on a wheel? You’re not alone. We all have countless responsibilities, numerous demands, and a variety of worries that sometimes make it hard to just stop and breathe. In fact, according to the American Institute of Stress, an incredible 75-90% of all medical visits are stress related. A…

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Breaking Down Generational Stereotypes from the Generational Guru

By Sarah Webb - Sep 19 2017

Sherri Elliott-Yeary, Generational Expert, Speaker, Coach, and Author, was born in 1968. Her Generational DNA is a Gen X but her Generational Personality is a Baby Boomer.  Sherri will be speaking at the #NoMeanGirls 2017 National Conference so we will get a sneak peek into her presentation. In this Plaid Radio episode we have a Millennial…

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Be Bold – Don’t Create Limitations

By Judy Hoberman - Sep 19 2017

Here’s the scenario…I spoke for a University and the Dean really loved what I said. She wanted to bring me back to speak about another topic. The challenge for me was that it was not a topic that I am an expert in…or even a partial subject matter expert…it was a topic that you would…

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Crock Pot Breakfast
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Crock Pot Series: Buy Time at Breakfast

By Bridget Swinney - Sep 19 2017

If you’re like me, right about now, you’re wishing you had more time. School starting, work deadlines, fall sports to carpool to or watch, can definitely put a crunch in your schedule. Unfortunately we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Since someone in the family’s got to “bring home the bacon” (even…

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Be Bold In Business
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Brilliant, Brave and Bold – Women in business!

By Kimberly Sulfridge - Sep 18 2017

For more than half my life now, I have worked in careers that have been extremely male dominated. My first company, an insurance agency, I started 20+ years ago when there were very few female agents. Even today, I am one of only two female principals in a nationwide consulting company. That is a trend…

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Women Investing
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What is your Personal Risk Level?

By Sarah Webb - Sep 15 2017

What is your Personal Risk Level? Investing, contributing to your 401(k) and building an emergency fund are all important.  The hard part is putting it away, but once it’s in the account you need to make sure the money is working just as hard as you are.  Evaluating your personal risk level will help you…

Personal Risk
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How to Determine Your Personal Financial Risk

By Sarah Webb - Sep 15 2017

John Wasik is an award-winning author of 16 books.  He has spoken to crowds from coast to coast on investing, retirement and protecting your money. As a personal finance columnist/blogger for Reuters, the world’s largest news service, he covers investing/investor protection, financial planning, taxes, insurance, retirement, college and life planning. His columns have been seen…

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6 Steps To Spin You Life Back Into Control

By Julie Chance - Sep 15 2017

Whether I am working with a leader in a large corporation or a small business owner the issue of too many priorities is a constant. Leaders and teams in organizations of all sizes feel like their lives are out of control – both personally and professionally. This sense of lacking control causes stress, energy drain…

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A Life Uncorked

By Koula Budler - Sep 14 2017

Katy Cardno recently left her corporate career to focus full-time on her travel blog, “A Life Uncorked.” A Life Uncorked is a blog to help inspire people to go out, adventure, and live their lives to the fullest. Katy shares about transitioning to full-time blogging, some of her most recent travels (both abroad and within…

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Sick Day
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The Sick Day

By Marguerite Jones - Sep 14 2017

3:05 AM.  Z woke up an unhappy, sweaty mess.  As I took his temperature, the thermometer formalized what I already knew: my kid was sick.  As my husband slipped into the guest bedroom to get a few more hours of sleep before the workday, I attempted to calm our toddler.  He shuffled for the next…

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But What About Who you are NOT?

By Rebecca Liston - Sep 14 2017

I have spent hours talking and writing and pondering the concept of how Who We Really Are impacts our business, and how the process of aligning THAT with each and every thing that we DO is what makes our success all the sweeter. But here’s something I haven’t talked about before, and really feel like…


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The Real Truth About Being Bold

By Michele Gooch - Sep 13 2017

The Real Truth about Being Bold Just after I had taken a new leadership role, a colleague confronted me about something I had written. She made an appointment to see me off campus and brought her husband with her. I was scared. What could possibly be this wrong? I’m pretty self-aware. Even though few people…

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Time Management: Manage Your Time Don’t Let it Manage You

By Sarah Webb - Sep 12 2017

Crystalee from The Mama Ladder International is back!  Today we are going to talk about Time Management and some technology tools that help us manage our lives.  We will also share some ideas on how to stay out of the time suck of social media. Per Webster’s Time Management is “the ability to use one’s…