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A Love Letter

Marguerite Jones
By Marguerite Jones |Bedford, TX

I’m sorry I was angry.

I was angry because I wake up with Z every morning and make him breakfast so you can sleep in, even if you don’t really sleep at all.  I was angry because I felt like I was carrying the heavy load all by myself.  I was angry because you said you would watch Z while I went to my friend’s shower, but then it seemed like it was such a chore for you – so I drove an extra 40 miles so you could have an hour to yourself.  I was angry because their nursery was done and perfect and ours is not – even though Z is closer to his second birthday than his first.  I’ve always said it doesn’t bother me.  I was angry because their life seems so much more put together than ours, even if it really isn’t.

I was angry when you wanted to spend time with your friends on Xbox rather than spending the evening with me – and hurt when you said that’s what you wanted to do after a long day – even though I understood.

A Love LetterI am thankful you watch Z so I can go running on Saturday mornings.  I am thankful you will take care of him if I have to work late.  I am thankful you mow the lawn and take out the trash and all of the other chores I don’t want to do.  I am thankful you make me laugh even on my hardest days and I am thankful you still love me even when I am not the best version of myself.  I am thankful you think I am prettier without makeup.  I am thankful you tell me to take care of myself, relax and not worry – even if I am terrible at all of those things – you still remind me.  I am thankful you’ll eat whatever I cook for dinner, even if it isn’t very good.

I am amazed at what you can build with old scrap pieces of wood; creating something beautiful from something someone might consider trash.  I am amazed with how you can teach yourself something with step-by-step instructions that may take someone else months and months to learn.  I am amazed by how you make it seems so easy and how you make everything okay.  I am amazed at what makes youA Love Letter tick – I am still trying to discover it.

I love your laugh lines and all of the good memories they hold.  I love how you sometimes reach for my hand when I don’t expect it.  I love how you continue to surprise me, even after all of these years have flown by.  I love how smart you are.  I love it how you I love how your eyes smile along with your lips.  I love how you love our child.  I love you for more reasons than I can count – and oh, how I have tried!

I picked up some of your favorite cookies when I was at the grocery store.  They are in the cabinet where they always are.  If you remember, please try not to leave your napkin in the dirty milk glass…

I love you – then and now – and always will.

L, Me

Marguerite Jones
Marguerite Jones |Bedford, TX
Marguerite “Maggie” Jones has served in local governments and nonprofit organizations for nearly a decade.  She has worked with economic development incentive programs, managed municipal tax increment financing (TIF) districts, and administered efforts to end homelessness.  She currently works for a...Read More

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