The air is filled with this really odd sense of foreboding. Cannot put my finger on it. It is as if everyone is side stepping you and every once in a while the “Shhh” word is used in your presence.

You have known these women for thirty years. Seen them through all the good times and bad times, without make-up, soaking wet, a little tipsy, traveled with them…What the hay??

Eventually, I realized what it was. They had all planned a trip together and I was not included? Not one of them, stepped up and said, this is not right.

The “mean girl” has a way of creeping into our life’s no matter what age we are. In every case, someone is hurt. They know I know, now, and in the end I was invited only because they know I know.

In a group why is there not one single person able to roar like a lion … get their attention, make a stand, hold fast to what is right, what is just.