For those of you who converse with me regularly, you are probably familiar with how I enjoy talking to people about the benefit of doing what they feel like doing and not doing things they don’t feel like doing until they feel like doing them. Whew, that was kind of a mouth full, huh? Usually in these conversations whomever I’m speaking with will spend a lot of time describing in great detail why they “can’t” do something they really want to do and then go in to even greater detail describing what they “have” to do instead.

This can go on to the point that if I were anyone else I might start to agree that their priorities be ranked from what’s most strenuous to what’s most pleasing, but fortunately for me, and for them, I am not that easily distracted from fun. After spending some time thinking about it, however, I did come across a simple list of things I feel like every person should do, despite often not feeling like it. The list goes something like this:

Sometimes it is hard to deem yourself worthy.

Do it anyway.

Sometimes it is hard to look on the bright side.

Look over there anyway.

Sometimes it is hard to imagine things will work out.

Imagine anyway.

Sometimes it is hard to tell people you love “no.”

Tell them anyway.

Sometimes it is hard to forgive yourself.

Forgive anyway.

Sometimes it is hard to make time for yourself.

Make time anyway.

Sometimes it is hard to stop and catch your breath.

Stop and breathe deep anyway.

This list of things, these simple, rejuvenating, pain-in-the-butt things, can make all the difference when facing the rest of your less-entertaining responsibilities. The strenuous things you so deeply did not want to do can become light as a feather when you know your worth is not determined on how active or productive you are in a day. Your worth is determined by how good you feel about yourself when you close the day out.

Does it feel good to be productive and knockout things you know you have to do? Of course! But it feels better to accomplish those things because within them you see how they benefit you instead of how they drain you. It is all about perspective. Is it easier said than done? At first, yes, but if you are going to force yourself to do stuff, why not force yourself to do stuff in ways you’ll feel good about?

I think you’ll be glad you did.