“Slow Down” is exactly what my Doctor said to me a few weeks ago.  I actually laughed when he said it, because my first thought was “I’ve got too many things to do to slow down.”   I had gone to see him because I had been experiencing lethargy, stiffness in my back, hands and feet, mild depression, difficulty focusing, weight gain, and difficulty losing it.  I had been feeling worse and worse the last few months and traditional doctors had not been able to help get to the core of my problems.

Others had diagnosed me with hormone imbalances, but I always felt it was something else, so I visited a homeopathic doctor for the first time.  He diagnosed me with Heart stress and Adrenal Gland fatigue.  I went home and read about each of these and realized I had every symptom associated with these conditions.  I was thankful for having found the root cause of my ailments and began the road to recovery the Doctor had laid out for me.

He explained how the years of stress had caught up to me and that it was time to slow down, de-stress, and listen to what my body was telling me.  As I reflected back on my life and the childhood traumas I endured, along with the stresses in my adult life, like divorce, working full time, and building Womanars in my spare time, it’s really no wonder my body was shutting down.

Women especially have a tendency to Go, Go, Go and ignore the signs our body uses to help us avoid total burnout or worse, a nervous breakdown. My road to recovery has just begun.  I’ve started by working smarter not harder, taking more time to myself, relaxing, meditating, and trying not to over commit myself.  I’ve set my priorities and healthy boundaries that will enable me to meet my goal of getting healthy while still working and doing the things I love that are important to me.  The truth is if I can’t empower myself how can I continue to help empower others?  I can’t.  I don’t do anyone any good by ignoring my health and neither do you.

I spent this Memorial Day weekend in one of my favorite places on earth, in Colorado.  I found a little Bed &Breakfast with the most incredible views and hospitable hosts.  I hiked to magnificent waterfalls, slept late, made wonderful new friends, herded cattle, and spent wonderful quiet moments with God admiring His handiwork.  I tuned out the world, work and Womanars for the weekend and allowed myself some peace and quiet.  I returned home feeling well rested and ready to get back to work.

Don’t allow your life to get so busy that you forget to relax and do the things that bring you joy and help keep your life balanced on a daily basis.  Stop to admire the sunset, go for a long walk, write in a journal, meditate, laugh, or simply enjoy the peace and quiet of any given moment.  Most importantly, listen to your body and make your health a priority.

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