My son’s uncle (my ex-husband’s brother) was a good man. He had severe health problems for several months, before passing away on Monday. He has a wife, children, and grandchildren that he’s left behind. Below is the story from the GoFundMe that his son has created for him. Please read his story, give if you can (anything helps), and share his story on your social media profiles, so others can help! These are very good people – Literally anything helps. If you can’t donate, at least share it on your social media. Please.

Here is the link to his GoFundMe Page!

Jim’s Story:

On August 29, 2016 Jim was rushed to the ER. There we were told his blood pressure was extremely low and they had to put a respirator in and put him in a coma and they had no idea what had caused it. After multiple blood transfusions and procedures a couple days into his coma we were told that he had internal bleeding and found that his spleen had completely ruptured. After a week non responsive and unable to breathe on his own September 5, 2016 he got to wake up. As he slightly progressed a week later he got to come home. We were all so relieved and thankful when he finally got to come home, but it wasn’t that easy. Jim had to be on a pic line for food and nutrients and had a drain put in due to his pancreas leaking for 28 days. Once pic line and drain was removed he still couldn’t develop an appetite. At that point Jim had lost about 60lbs. Due to malnutrition he grew a severe absess on his tailbone that caused him to be hospitalized again. He had to have a procedure and had to hook a drain to his tailbone and was in the hospital for 3 more days. Thanksgiving was here and he was starting to get better day by day and slowly was able to eat alittle. Then on December 23, 2016 he was hospitalized again and his hemoglobin was extremely low and was told he needed another blood transfusion. After spending Christmas in the hospital Jim is currently being treated for kidney failure, anca vasculitis, and will be starting chemo soon. It has all been very rough for our family. Jim and his wife Shirley has been out of work since this all happened. Along with prayers we would like to ask for all the help we can get for them. As hospital bills keep piling up they also need money for bills, food, prescriptions, and chemo treatments. Our family is helping all that we can but any extra help will be greatly appreciated. Please keep our family in your prayers and we appreciate all that have continued it♡

Jim was shipped to Barnes hospital in St. Louis late last night. They did a few test when he got there and discover the bleeding in his stomach. His blood pressure and oxygen got really low and they wanted to do a test on him to help get the bleeding to stop which would cause his kidneys to fail but it was a risk they had to take but due to BP and oxygen levels they were unable to do the procedure.

Jim passed away today (January 2, 2017), and our hearts are broken, but we do know he’s in a better place and no longer suffering. Jim did not have life insurance on himself so we would greatly appreciate donations to help funeral cost and expenses and keep our family in your thoughts and prayers as we go through the hardest step in life. Thank you in advance! Love you all!

Here is the link to his GoFundMe Page!