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Stressing Out During Pregnancy? Here Are Fun Ideas to Stay Calm and Reduce Stress

Elizabeth MacDonald
By Elizabeth MacDonald |Bear, Delaware

There are many women who battle with anxiety and stress on a daily basis. While all women carry stress, these women tend to feel overly anxious or stressed with things that the majority can easily work through or look past. If you are one of these high-anxiety women, the moment you decide to try and become pregnant, your brain starts over-thinking everything.

What if you can’t get pregnant?What if you do get pregnant right away?What if there’s something wrong?Can you still work out?Can you still eat your favourite food?

The list of questions is something you are used to when it comes to something new in your life, but the weight of bringing a baby into the world seems to increase the anxiety 100-fold. The good news is that you are not alone in your suffering, but the bad news is that you are suffering. That means that this miraculous time of your life is haunted by your own worry.

Once you become pregnant, the anxiety and stress increase yet again. It is important to talk to your birth provider about your anxiety or feelings of stress, as stress does not benefit a pregnancy, and can actually be harmful to the developing fetus. If reading that increases your worry, then it is time to figure out how to relax so you can enjoy this experience!

How to Stay Calm and Reduce Stress While Pregnant

Keep Open Communication with Your Support Team

Having a birth team that you trust is vital to a happy pregnancy. Make sure that you have the ability to call, e-mail, or possibly text at any time!

Keep a Running List of Questions/Worries

Instead of repeating your worries over and over in the wee hours of the night, write them down. Let them leave your mind as they are written. You can set aside a few hours each week to research these questions (or call your birth team!) and free your mind of the daily panic.

Take a Complete Birthing Series

Forget the crash course at the hospital. Instead, sign up for a 12-week long birthing course (like The Bradley Method) that will cover every aspect of pregnancy, birth, and postnatal care. It will give you a safe place to vent your thoughts, and it will prepare your support partner, so he can help you.

Have Positive Mantras

You can choose a new mantra whenever you feel the need, but having a short sentence to repeat can lift your mood and reduce your stress.

‘I am strong and healthy; my baby is strong and healthy.’‘I am capable of growing, birthing, and loving this baby.’

As labour nears, hang mantras throughout your house to remind yourself of how you are strong, capable and meant to bring this baby into the world.


Pregnancy and sleep don’t go hand-in-hand, but turning your mind off and catching some shut-eye helps the brain and body to work as one. Naps can and should be taken whenever the need arises.

Eat Well

High protein pregnancy diets, such as the Brewer’s Diet will keep you energized, full, and feel confident in your nourishments while growing your baby. You are not eating for two, but do need a few more calories each day, get them from healthy sources.

Take Your Supplements

Winter pregnancies will need an increased amount of vitamin D3, along with the high-quality prenatal vitamin with folate (not folic acid as is typically recommended, but it is now linked to many issues). You will want to look at increasing B Vitamins as well as iron intake.


It is a researched fact that exercise reduces stress levels in the body. This is even truer throughout pregnancy. Unless you are a high-risk pregnancy, you can workout every day. Listen to your body and push yourself; you want to break a sweat and let the body know it is being worked.

Practice Relaxation

This goes beyond a yoga class. Relaxation is the key to lowering stress levels and preparing for labour. It should be practised daily from the first trimester until after your baby is born.

These easy recommendations may seem like common sense, but they take the effort to accomplish. Hold yourself accountable by including your support partner or friends who are also pregnant. Take the time to evaluate any physical or mental stresses that you can control in your life. If there are ways to reduce these, then work on doing so. Remember that you will be able to find things to worry about in every area of this pregnancy, but you have the ability to fight those urges and focus on the positives, the happiness, and the end goal: Your Baby!

Author Bio:

Elizabeth is a researcher, author, and content writer for My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear – one of the best online stores for creative pregnancy gifts. She spends her days as the ringleader of a never-tiring circus; one full of tightrope walkers, Nerf-guns shooters, mess makers, and danger-seekers. She exists on toddler kisses, caffeine, and tears of (panic) happiness. Read Elizabeth’s pregnancy blog to find out the dos and don’ts and other important things about pregnancy.

Elizabeth MacDonald
Elizabeth MacDonald |Bear, Delaware
Elizabeth is a researcher, author, and content writer for My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear – one of the best online stores for creative pregnancy gifts. She spends her days as the ringleader of a never-tiring circus; one full of tightrope walkers,...Read More
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