Next time you want to shop for beautiful, chic jewelry for your special occasion, search for gifts, or update your collection, consider purchasing eco-style jewelry from Seeds to Love created by Nasly Duarte in Dallas, Texas. All the materials are sustainable and include recycled thread, watermelon and pumpkin seeds, corn, dried coconut, wood, coffee and recycled leather.

Nasly started her business in 2009 with the dream of sharing her lifelong love of creating jewelry. After watching the movie, Biutiful and researching the industry, she decided she jewelry6 - Amber Cacereswas no longer going to purchase jewelry from overseas.

“In my studies, I came across the cruel truths about sweatshops and slavery overseas. It’s devastating to know the jewelry business with women and children working long hours and barely make any money. Right there and then, I decided that I was not going to buy any more jewelry from overseas.”

So when she visited her mother in Colombia, she fell in love with organic, homemade jewelry and decided to start creating sustainable fashion, dedicating it to her mother.

“The story behind this is that my mother and father met and married in Columbia. They moved to the United States when she was nineteen and, devastatingly, she was physically and mentally abused by my father. With no one to turn to and no family or friends with jewelry1 - Amber Caceresher, she lost herself in this country. Anger, hatred and loneliness made her an unhappy woman. Growing up I felt her pain so I dedicate my business to her because helping women, including my mother, has always been my obsession.”

To support her family, Nasly began selling jewelry at Farmers Markets and teaching women entrepreneurial skills.

“My goal was to help women so I decided to teach jewelry making to women recovering from drugs including seniors at senior activity centers and at-risk youth. From there, I developed a Sustainable Entrepreneur Fashion Program using my business as a template to teach entrepreneurship skills. I love being able to give women an opportunity to learn and grow. It builds up their self-esteem and gives them confidence in themselves. Also, it’s therapeutic, helping them to focus and giving them a feeling of purpose.”

jewelry2 - Amber Caceres


Nasly has worked with VisionHouse, P4L, Texas Discovery Gardens and currently volunteers at Lamar High School in Arlington, Texas, in the after school Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneur Program. Her future plans include opening a Green Mobile Business Park to sell unique and organic goods as well as provide sustainable, recycling workshops and a place where people can donate clothes, jewelry and other accessories. Currently, she is working on transforming Seeds to Love into a nonprofit. She is looking for board members, grant writers and volunteers in the fashion industry to help perfect and develop her vision. For more information, email her at

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