This morning I went to the local Kroger to pick up some healthy snacks for my trip to San Antonio. I am going for a training leaded by successful USANA distributors, planning to learn from the best.   As I am waiting for the deli gal to slice up some turkey breast, I look around the store. It is early and all the employees are getting ready for the day.  They are preparing breads to bake, stocking shelves, cleaning counters. I think “hummmm, it would be real easy to have a job like this. No networking, selling, tracking, motivating, worrying, stress and planning. All I would have to do it come, clock in, do my job and clock out.” For about 1 minute I thought about giving up and just being one of the 80 percenters.  Nothing wrong with that. These people have an important job to help the grocery store be successful. Than I thought about my experience in direct selling and USANA.  I know I have grown as a person in the last six years.  This job is simple but not always easy. Sometimes it would be nice to just hit the easy button but would I truly enjoy life that way? Listen, direct selling is a skill. You have to learn about people and be interested. You have to learn the selling cycle and you have to continuous pursue your dreams. In the famous words of our President, Kevin Guest, YOU HAVE TO TREAT IT LIKE A BUSINESS.   I have helped a lot of people on my journeying and I wouldn’t take it back one minute.  So, keep plugging, learning, helping and striving to be a 20 percenter.  Go for your dreams, nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and your business.  Now, go out there and sell something!