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Things to Consider When Travelling Europe

Archis Roy
By Archis Roy

While summer can be the most tantalizing time to visit Europe, it can also prove to be quite expensive. So we have included a few important tips that will come handy for your budget Europe tour.

Avoid Hotels: The biggest misconception that we have about travel trips is the luxury of staying at a 3 star hotel. Let’s face it, a bed and breakfast will give you double the cultural satiation at half the price!

Local food: Of course you wouldn’t leave a city without trying its local food. We recommend you do so at the local restaurants. Don’t be misdirected by menu cards just because you find it familiar. The unexpected is what often tastes the best.

Off season tour: Generally October through April, is the off-season time for Europe and you’ll probably learn more about Europe during this time of the year. You’ll get a chance to have a conversation with Europeans and locals instead of other tourists.

Family time: In case you get home sick, there’s no reason to worry. You’ll find plenty of family run businesses around Europe. From Hotels to Restaurants, this is always a better option, since they’ll go out of their way to serve you.

Buy your maps in Europe: You’ll get the maps at much lesser price while you are in Europe. You’ll probably save half the amount of money.

Guide books: Many people cross this off their check list before even glancing at it. One of the biggest mistakes by the way. Ensure that you carry an up-to-date guide book and actually help it guide your way through Europe’s most worth visiting destinations!

Use ATMs: Agreed, there’ll be transaction fees involved, however they are much cheaper and faster as compared to traveler’s checks. Make larger withdrawals so that you minimize the number of your withdrawals.

Use phone cards: When you need to get in touch with someone back home, ensure that you use the dial direct services by getting yourself an international calling card. They are much cheaper than the rates offered by your home services.

Big cities don’t appreciate cars: Drop your car off before entering the big cities. Traffic is just one of the several reasons, besides, big cities have an amazing transport network and the need for a car is nil.

Consolidator air tickets: You can save hundreds of dollars by opening your mind a little bit. Student agencies often offer amazing rates which aren’t only limited to students.

Public transport: Buses are often way cheaper than train. So if you have no time constraints, this is the best way to get around a city. In the case that you chose to travel by a train, make sure that you are aware of your rail pass options.

Group drives: Four people driving in one car will save you a huge amount of money. Besides, you’ll make new friends!

Avoid hotel breakfasts: No matter how convenient it sounds, avoid. You’ll find a much richer experience at the local cafe at a cheaper price!

Europe is best explored in solo mode, so pack your bags now and book Europe tour packages. Try Simons Holidays which is offering great discounts on the travel trips as well as hotel accommodation.

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