Type A workingYou know the kind of person I’m talking about in the office. The one that is always talking, driving objectives and in your mind – know how to play office politics.

Type A personalities are often described as:

  • Assertive
  • Ambitious
  • Passionate
  • High achievers
  • Controlling
  • High strung
  • Perception Sensitive
  • Do-ers

While there is nothing wrong with this, sometimes the approach is hard to swallow if you actually have to work with a Type A.  Often, Type A personalities are completely unfulfilled at work due to the constant internal pressure they feel towards themselves. Competition with others or within themselves is a key driver for this type to function.

Type A personalities are driven by these four points:

Time Sensitive

Type A people feel as if they are constantly running against a clock. They show up to meetings early – not on time – and expect everyone else to do the same.

Type A To Do ListNever Ending To Do List

Type A people have a list for everything and enjoy feeling highly productive. They love a plan of action. If there is no plan, then move over. They are busy creating one.


Type A people will say they have a low threshold for incompetence, but it’s really impatience that surfaces. Although driven, stress and action can lead to anger and impatience.

type A fast walkingFast Talkers. Fast Walkers.

Type A’s speak and in general move quickly. High stress or full of energy comes through in their speech and pace. Often it’s tough to keep up with them.

Having these traits doesn’t always add up to success in the office or in their personal lives. Anger, pushing the boundaries and reacting impatiently can cause a career blunder for Type A’s. Often Type A’s don’t know why they aren’t successful at work and continue to make the same mistakes. When they gather feedback, they prefer to take in only the positive feedback and not give much thought to the negative feedback.

Looking within for these Types can be impossible and painful when they do turn within. The external world is their oyster. A place to conquer and divide.

The problem with conquer and divide is just that – it causes division in an office where team playing is the best solution to a large corporate goal.

So the next time you have to work with that Type A, have some compassion.

They may not be as successful or as happy as you think they are.

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