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Facing the Fear of Leaving a Relationship

Silke Schwarzkopf
By Silke Schwarzkopf |Laguna Niguel, CA


My journey to recreating life after 50 began when I made the decision to finally face the fact that I was extremely unhappy in my 25-year marriage.  As I look back, this is one of my few regrets in life, waiting so long to confront what I knew to be true.  But how could I rationalize leaving?  I wasn’t in an abusive Facing the Fear of Leaving a Relationshiprelationship.  I had a beautiful home and financial security.  On the outside, it appeared we lived the American Dream.  On the inside, I felt I was slowly dying.

Fast-forward 5-years, my concern for hurting my husband, my family, or worrying about what my friends would think was largely misplaced.  While our split was not without emotion, we quickly arrived at an amicable solution. He was miserable too. And my friends and family didn’t care.  In fact, they wondered what took us so long!

In a recent interview with Paige Valdiserri, we discuss the concept of “getting in touch with our inner knowing” to create the life we were meant to live. Evaluating our present circumstance doesn’t always have to result in a parting of the ways.  It could bring us closer together.  The only wrong decision is ignoring the situation.  I hope you enjoy our conversation.  If something you hear resonates, know that you are NOT alone! Paige is a wonderful resource to guide you through life-changing events.  Feel free to contact Paige.


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Silke Schwarzkopf
Silke Schwarzkopf |Laguna Niguel, CA
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